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L7 Half-Sidhe Drow Shaman (XP: Xoooo ooooo ooooo ooooo ooooo ooooo ooooo ooooo)

Theme/Background Name:

Appearance: Blazing Eyes - Perfect Posture (I'll probably come back to this with a more detailed description later.)

Traits: Brave - Bold - Decadent

Alignment: Lawful

Bonds: (we'll develop in play)

Secret: I sabotaged a rival's ceremonial induction into undeath, trapping her as a shade unable to communicate with the outside world.

Mark XP

  • Fulfill the tenets of the spirits
  • Act according to your traits
  • Impose or maintain order in the face of chaos


6/6 12/12 9/9 16/16 11/11 18/18 14/14
(-1) (+2) (+3) (+1)
ooooo ooooo ooooo ooooo ooooo ooooo


  • Hit Die d8
  • Armor: 2
  • HP: 37


  • Dagger: +DEX to hit, 1d4 damage, hand, precise, 1 pierce
  • Spirit's Wrath: +CHA to hit, 2d2 damage, 3 ammo, near, far, 2 pierce, charismatic (roll +CHA to Shoot or Throw), invocable (can use Invocations to upgrade damage or add tags)

Personal Mission[edit]

Broker a treaty between the Archdevil Glasya and Rahesh

  • Recover the Obdurate Scepter of Sekhrelash (an artifact linked to the spirits of the land that Rahesh once stood upon) from the hands of the demons who stole it
  • Prove to my mother that I am an adequate vessel to continue the bloodline should she shuffle off this mortal coil into the bliss of undeath
  • Learn the true name of my rival, the devil known by the use-name of Kraz the Implacable

Half-Sidhe Drow Characteristics[edit]

  • +1 DEX, +1 INT
  • Darkvision
  • Fey origin
  • Lolthtouched: +1 to moves involving deception
  • Cloud of Darkness: 1/encounter, you can conjure a cloud of darkness, close, burst 1, blinded
  • Fey Step: 1/day, you can teleport to a location nearby


  • Speak with Spirits: +1 on knowledge checks related to anything a spirit could tell you
  • Ancestral Communion: receive the Pray for Guidance (Cleric) and Necromancer (Magic-User) advanced moves for free
  • Eyes of the Spirits: gain +1 on Perceive, Stay Sharp, and Recruit moves when an allied spirit can assist you

Followers can be spirits. Any attacks/moves can 'originate from a spirit'.

Acolyte of the Abyss[edit]

Your infernal pacts protect Rahesh, as long as you can keep the Nine Hells at bay.

  • Boon: Gain half-level + opposite attribute (CHA/WIS) Favor with devils and the ability to use that Favor with any Cleric move. Gain the Lucky Dog (Thief) advanced move for free, as a Devil's Boon. Followers can be devils.
  • Boon: You are a member of the inner circle of the Disciples of the Abyss within Rahesh. Infernalists throughout the planes recognize you for what you are, and you can expect a very loose confederacy from them (even as they seek to take what is yours from you).
  • Bane: Devils know your name, at least two have a shallow claim on your soul, and you have come to the attention of the upper hierarchy of an archfiend. To some religious zealots, you are a devil worshipper, and subject to their wrathful smiting.

Shaman Moves[edit]

Spirit Favor: 10/10, Tenet: Preserve the City, Domains: by spirit summoned
Devil's Favor: 5/5, Tenet: We have a mutual interest - you, Domains: Pacts, Betrayal

  • Pact-Binder - You receive the guidance and favor of spirits/devils, which you have bound to your will through ancient pacts. Every spirit commands one domain — those parts of existence over which they hold sway (darkness, war; love, the moon, etc.). Devils have two. Favor represents the current strength of your connection to them. The maximum favor you may hold at any time is equal to your current level +CHA (spirits) or half-level +WIS (devils). You start play with maximum favor. When you make any move roll that falls within the domain of one of your spirit/devil pacts, you may spend favor before you roll the dice to increase the result by +1 for each point of favor spent. You may not invoke both spirit and devil pacts on the same roll.
  • Commune - When you take the necessary time to commune with the spirits / your devil intercessors, say what that looks like and roll +CHA (spirits) or +WIS (devils), taking +1 if you bear your totem (spirits), and +1 if you occupy a place sacred to them: on a 10+, your pacts are refreshed - restore your favor to maximum, on a 7-9, gain 1 favor; on a 6-, mark the attribute used, and the Judge makes a move.
  • Expand the Reach of the Pact-Sworn - When you convince a nonbeliever to form their own pacts with spirits or devils, gain 1 XP or 2 favor (your choice).
  • Lay on Hands - When you call upon the power of your Pacts to heal a living thing which you are touching, burn 1 Constitution and roll +WIS or +CHA: on a 10+, they heal hit points and/or ability points equal to double your current favor; on a 7-9, they heal hit points and/or ability points equal to your current favor; on a 6-, mark the attribute used, and the Judge makes a move. You may not lay hands on yourself. When you employ your Devil Pacts for this move, the recipient becomes infernally marked.
  • Invoke - When you call upon your Pacts to manifest their power, say what you want to have happen and how it falls within at least one of their domains. The Judge will assign your request hubris from 0 (insignificant) to 6 (miraculous). Then, roll -hubris, +1 if you bear your totem (spirits)l, and +1 if you occupy a place sacred to them: on a 10+, your request is granted with duration 3, and may be made permanent if you perma-burn 1 ability point of your choice per point of hubris; on a 7-9, your request is granted with duration 1, but your Pact demands proof of devotion—the Judge chooses 1 from the list below; on a 6-, mark XP, and the Judge makes a move.
    • Sacrifice: take -1 ongoing to Commune until you destroy or tithe something of the Judge’s choosing (silver, blood, something of symbolic significance to your Pact, etc.)
    • Exemplify: take -1 ongoing to Invoke until you satisfy your tenet
    • Atone: take -1 ongoing to Invoke until you gain at least 1 favor
    • Evangelize: take -1 ongoing to Invoke until you Expand the Reach of the Pact-Sworn
    • Redeem: you may not Invoke again until you complete a trial of the Judge’s choosing
    • Suffer: perma-burn 1 point of an ability of the Judge’s choice

Advanced Moves[edit]

  • Pact-Infused - When you declare a goal in the name of your pacts and embody their will in action, if the Judge deems it a worthy goal your favor bonus becomes +2 per favor spent (instead of +1), until the goal is met or you become incapacitated. Then, roll +WIS or +CHA: on a 10+, choose 1 from the list below; on a 7-9, choose 2; on a 6-, mark the ability used, and all 3 apply.
    • When the spirit leaves you, burn 1d6 ability points of the Judge’s choice
    • As soon as you have 0 favor, the spirit leaves you and you fall unconscious
    • While the spirit is in you, you will not waver from your goal at any cost
  • Defender of Ancient Compacts - When you face a threat that would do harm to someone or something of value to your Pact, you may spend favor to gain temporary armor for as long as the threat persists, at a cost of 1 favor per 1 point of armor. This armor blocks physical damage, as well as any damage from sources within or directly opposed to the domains governed by your pact.
  • Lucky Devil - When you Level Up, you heal 1d6 Luck instead of 1. Thank your devil patrons for their influence.
  • Necromancer - When you Perceive, on a 7+ you sense any spirits of the dead in the vicinity in addition to the usual result, and may ask your questions directly of them. In addition, when you make any move against the dead or undead, take +1.
  • Trade for Guidance - When you Commune, on a 7+ you may ask the subject of your pact a question, and they will answer (by way of the Judge), in addition to the usual effect. They are likely to want something in exchange.
  • Wrath - When you deal damage to an enemy of your Pact, you may spend favor before you roll damage to increase the result by +1 for each point of favor spent.
  • Still need to pick one more




Capacity: 7 | Weight Carried: 7

  • Worn
    • Dagger (0)
    • Chainmail [2 armor] (2)
    • Exquisite Clothes (0)
    • Viper Belt (protection vs poisons)
    • Waterskin (0)
    • Belt pouch (0)
    • Implement: Totem (0)
    • Brooch of Illusory Destiny
    • Lens of Discernment (identify the apparent race or species of a person or creature you look at through the lens)
    • Potion of Elemental Resistance (3 sips - gain moderate resistance to an elemental type you declare at time of imbibing)
  • Shoulder bag
    • Scroll case (0)
    • Adventuring gear [5 uses] (2)
    • Bedroll (1)
    • Rope (1)
    • Enlightening Incanabulum of Jeweled Labor, a secret history of wardings, made of copper sculptings and written by a paragon of summoning. (1)
  • Beast of Burden

Silver in Hand:

Brooch of Illusory Destiny[edit]

Gives out misleading information about the bearer's intentions, especially in response to divination regarding the future. Broadly, it makes it very difficult for those negotiating with me to understand exactly what my goals are or how I intend to get there, giving me the upper hand. It had passed out of history long ago, but I chased whispers to the Palace of the Gloaming Labyrinth in the Shadowfell, where I tricked Alethra the Maze Keeper into revealing its location within the twisting paths.