Commentary of Cosmology

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Most games are about the little things. In an Amber game a moment should be spent thinking about the Big Picture. This is the Big Picture for the Jeweled Road and the War of Balance game.

The Universe is big. Really big. So big... anyway.

Consider the image below. It has 162,175 different colors. I didn't count them. Paintshop did.

See the black divide in the center? Thats the Abyss. To its left is the Courts of Chaos. To its right is the Shadowlands. The Shadowlands have many places of great power and a few of the notable ones are displayed here for demonstration's sake.

Far to the east is the Great realm of Amber with its primal construct the Pattern of Amber.

Other realms are listed as well. Avalon. Mandalay. Regor. Azcala. Others are there too. What might they be?

Consider this a top down view of the universe. It bears little respect to north and south and only a tiny bit more with east to west.

The Jeweled Road was created as a side effect of the creation of Mandalay. It greatly shortened travel times and is thought a terrible danger by most monarchs of Primal realms.