Conor Whelan

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Conor is a character in St. Jude's Monsterhearts played by The Tim

Conor Whelan[edit]

  • Feisty
  • cunning eyes
  • Favoured by the moon


  • Hot 2
  • Cold -1
  • Volatile 1
  • Dark 0


  • Unstable

When you become your Darkest Self, mark experience.

  • Howl at the Moon

When bathed in moonlight, add 2 to your Dark stat.

  • Primal Dominance

When you harm someone, gain a String on them.

  • Hypnotism

Roll to command those with no Strings on you. 10+ all is well. 7-9, complications in control.

Other Moves[edit]

Sex Move

When you have sex with someone, you establish a spirit connection with them. Until either of you breaks that spirit connection, by having sex with someone else, add 1 to all rolls made to defend them.

Darkest Self

You transform into a terrifying wolf-creature. You crave power and dominance, and those are earned through bloodshed. If anyone attempts to stand in your way, they must be brought down and made to bleed. You escape your Darkest Self when you wound someone you really care about or the sun rises, whichever happens first.


Conor is from one of the small houses that are still technically in the area to attend St. Jude's. He's dark Irish with a quick laugh, lingering accent (like a few others in the area), and a flimsy religious objection to avoid going to services. When things turn tense or get talking about his family, there's always something funny that happened told in a charming way to change the topic to more friendly areas.

He's in year 12 and taking: Drama, Philosophy, Law, Critical Thinking, Physical Education, and Mathematics.

A bit of a late bloomer—he's still smooth faced with a not particularly deep voice—he was fairly excited when he saw red hair on his face during the last full moon. Until, of course, it ended up spreading all over.