St. Jude's Monsterhearts

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St Jude's Monsterhearts is a PBP game being run by Neonchameleon.




  • Mr. Hearden, the headmaster. Old, distant, sharp eyes
  • Mr. Berry, form tutor with a shock of white hair. Chem teacher and possibly high off own supply
  • Jo Castles - The new Drama sub
  • Mr. Habersham - last term's Drama instructor, not around right now

Other students[edit]

  • Rebecca - Fallen Queen after her clique left after GCSEs. In homeroom.
  • Helen - Rower, old blood but doesn't admit it
  • Raj - patient with an explosive temper
  • Jessica - CU president
  • Christine - flautist in orchestra, helps Alex with music
  • Sarah Sheehy - black snake of the family. Shaved head, constant fights, 16 year old


  • Mr & Mrs Sheehy - Seth's parents. Want to be the Addams', come off sounding detached and like conspiracy theorists
  • Sasha Sheehy - 11 year old, thinks being a serpentine is magical
  • Billy - Alex's 12-year-old foster brother
  • Patty - Alex's 15-year-old foster sister, in 5th form

The Surroundings[edit]

  • Near the sea
  • River
  • Roller rink
  • High street
  • Club with weekly teen night