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Below is a list of races, and suggested powers for those races. These are presented alphabetically.

All minis of the races in this list are considered to be "standard minis".

Unless specified, special abilities only affect rolls made for the mini itself. For example, a human's special ability can only be used to re-roll a "1" that is rolled for his own attack.

  • Beastman - Feral Rage: +1 bonus on attack rolls when the Beastman has 1 HP remaining.
  • Dwarf - Stubborn Resilience: +1 Hit Point.
  • Drow - Arrogant Confidence: +1 bonus on attack rolls when the Drow at full HP.
  • Elf - Eldar Grace: +1 Movement Allowance.
  • Goblin - Viciousness: +1 bonus on attack rolls vs. downed opponents.
  • Gnoll - Predatory: +1 bonus on attack rolls vs. opponents with 1 HP remaining.
  • Gnome - Trickster Illusions: Once per round, can spend 1 MP to gain +1 Defence for rest of round. The Gnome may not make any attacks on the same activation it does this.
  • Halfling - Smallfellow: During this mini's activation, it can move through other combatants, as long as ends on empty space.
  • Human - Murderous Nature: Once per round, re-roll an attack die that comes up "1".
  • Living Construct - Hardened: +1 Defence Value when at full HP.
  • Lizardman - Thick Scales: +1 Defence Value when Downed.
  • Kobold - Sneaky: +1 damage on an even attack roll that hits while backstabbing.
  • Orc - Warrior Strength: Deal +1 damage for an attack die that comes up "6".
  • Skeleton - Rise Again: Dramatic Recovery on 4+ instead of 5+.
  • Zombie - All Flesh Must be Eaten: Successful melee coup-de-grace attacks on enemies grant +1 HP to Zombie, to a maximum of starting value.
  • Vampire - Power of Blood: Successful melee coup-de-grace attacks on enemies grant +1 Movement Allowance to Vampire for rest of game.

The above traits are provided as examples, and you can change them up if your group agrees. Its also useful to "reskin" traits to match minis in your collections that have similar themes. Say you have miniatures representing proud and prideful wolfmen: you might decide that Arrogant Confidence (vide Drow) suits them best, or you might think they are Predatory (see Gnoll).

Please feel free to add to the above list!