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This is a tactical skirmish system for miniatures-based combats, designed to be quick to learn, intuitive and adaptable to a wide range of miniatures.

It is not attached to any particular setting, but is based around typical fantasy miniatures: orcs, dwarves, magic, swords and shields.

The design premise is that the game is simple enough to play without frequent reference to the rules during play, and moddable enough that you can add your own races and weapon combinations. It is designed to be optimal with skirmishes of six to ten miniatures per side: any fewer than this its probably too tactically limited, and any more than this and it can be unwieldy (though still playable).

To play the game you'll need some fantasy miniatures, at least one six-sided die, a game board with a square grid (such as dungeon tiles from a roleplaying game or board game) and some counters to mark wounds (and optionally, a second set of counters to mark which minis have been activated this turn). Optionally you might want to create a reference game card for each mini, which can be a useful way of accessing weapon and race rules, placing wound counters without cluttering the game board and marking which minis have been activated. This isn't essential though, just a play aid.

This game is hosted on a wiki specifically so you can modify it and add to it as you wish. The original author would, however, consider it a kind courtesy if you were to leave the core system intact, and to avoid deleting information without suitable replacement.

Playing the Game[edit]

This section describes the game rules.

  • Set Up - Setting up a battle.
  • Warbands - Four systems for assembling a warband: constructed scenario, blind bidding, points buy and team pick.
  • Rules of Conflict - How battles are fought.
  • Races - A list of races in the game.
  • Melee Weapons - A list of melee weapons in the game.
  • Ranged Weapons - A list of ranged weapons in the game.
  • Mage Foci - A list of focus items that a mage in the game might use.


This section provides other details that may help the game

  • Arena Design - How to create an arena and hazards within it.
  • Campaign Rules - Creating a series of linked battles.
  • Non-standard minis - How to handle minis with more than two arms, more than two legs or of non-human size/scale.


This is a complete roleplaying game / skirmish wargame, originally created on the wiki by Asklepios.

More games by me on my page:

Contributions invited and encouraged! Please add your names below as well!