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Clymnea. Born in ancient Thulusia. Became Queen of Amber and bore Osric, Finndo and Benedict to Oberon. A mighty sorceress and an ex-queen of Amber. Daughter of the Ruling Queen Symnea of Thelusia in the earliest epoch of that great nation.

Clymnea bore Oberon 3 sons before he discovered he had fathered her centuries before. It was soon after their marriage was dissolved that the Consanguinity Laws were enacted. The legends of the time are uncertain but there has been no evidence of any kinds that Oberon knew of Clymnea's parentage.

Aside from the controversy around their kinship, Clymnea was a good queen of Amber. In the earliest of days she formed the Court of Amber and supported the growth of the City and Nation of Amber during 10 centuries that Oberon was calming Shadow. Many Noble Houses bear Warrants of Title where her name is higher than Oberon's, denoting a Grant awarded while he was away. Even after her banishment he did not demote these houses or cancel town charters. She currently lives in a secluded monastery that she has not left for centuries. However, this does not hinder her from being the "Elephant in the Living Room" of Thelusian politics.

She has walked the Pattern and is known to bear an attunement to the Jewel of Judgment. Esoteric sorcerers can tell that her Pattern Imprint is Wild. See Flavors of the Pattern.

When the Amber Cults began leaking over into Shadow from the Courts of Chaos they linked almost immediately with a group called the Faithful of the Court. This group began as the court followers of Clymnea while she was Queen of Amber and down the centuries faded into a secret society comprised of high nobles, military leaders, grateful members of the populace as well as some of the most ancient sorcerers and practitioners of high order magics. While membership is not exactly secret and many have openly revealed or been unable to hide their membership it has a tainting effect on some people due to her notoriety.

Duchess Clymnea has made it very clear that she has no connection to this group personally though she has been from time to time irritated and flattered by its members.

The Cult of Clymnea, being Chaos born, has had a lot of interaction the the Faithful of the Court.

Cymnea-Jeweled Amber is her Article of Submission to Random