DRYH: Ashes of Gods - Character 5

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MY NAME IS . . . Layla "LC" Chambers

AND I WAS A[N] . . . Guitarist

WHAT WERE YOU DOING WHEN THE WORLD ENDED? I was in the middle of playing a show when everyone just vanished. The instruments of my bandmates and the everything in the hands of the audience fell to the ground with a clattering thump and the echo of the last chord I played reverberated throughout the venue. I lost my best friends, I lost my family, and I lost my career. After wandering aimlessly, I found new purpose in life - bringing people back together and building something up.

WHAT DO YOU STILL CLING TO? I long for the sound of music. I want to see people coming together again and bonding. Everyone seems to distrust each other now and there are so few of us left. I desperately want to see my adopted parents again. Even though I know in my head that they're gone, my heart can't let them go.

WHAT'S ON THE SURFACE? They see a punk with dark skin, rainbow-dyed dreadlocks piled on top and the sides of my head shaved, with tattoos running up and down my arms. I tend to act a lot tougher than I really am, but on the inside I'm a big softie. Despite all that, I still carry a pistol these days. Much as I'd like to believe that everyone's good on the inside, there are still some bad apples.

WHAT LIES BENEATH? I'm anguished over the disappearing. Every day is a fight not to sit down and sob, not to just let the depression take me. I constantly try to move forward and keep working on something as a way of running away from my fear and uncertainty. I'm not sure what would happen if I stopped.

WHAT IS YOUR PATH? I want to bring people together and rebuild a society. I need a safe place to build, ways to secure food, water, and shelter, and as many experts or educated people as I can find to help us repurpose or repair existing infrastructure and try to preserve as much of the old world's knowledge as possible. I'll make deals and negotiate as much as I can to acquire these things. I hope to God there's a way to do it without having to become a warlord.




  • I've got the best ears of anyone I've ever met. If I hear something once, I'll know it when I hear it again. Makes me a damn talented guitarist too.
  • I've always been a great athlete. I lettered in three sports in high school and I went to college on an athletic scholarship. Gave it all up for the music, though. Since the disappearing, though, I seem to be able to move even better than I did before.


  • I knew right after the disappearing that everyone in the club was gone. Not invisible, not somewhere else, gone. Ever since then, I seem to just know things. If I think about it, I know what's on the other side of a door before I open it. If I focus, I can tell what someone's thinking about. One time, when I got real angry, I'm pretty sure I ripped the darkest secrets of a man straight out of his mind.