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And how can man die better / Than facing fearful odds / For the ashes of his fathers / And the temples of his gods?

- Thomas Babington Macaulay

The last to fall were the buildings, distant and solemn, the gravestones for an entire world.

- Dan Wells


Character Player Dis Current




Break Responses Knacks Edge
Bucky Naimeth roryb 3 2 0 Flight



- Scavenger / mechanic

- Brawlin'

Malachai Constant Cerulean Lion 3 2 0 Flight




- MacGyver

- Discern Intent / Detect Deception

Teleport / Walk Between
Azza Baruti J.O.S. 3 0 0 Flight





-Unending Will

Time Acceleration
Kelly "Rainbow" Barnes squidheadjax 3 2 0 Flight




- Communicating

- Bludgeoning

Manipulate Light
Layla "LC" Chambers Lysus 3 2 0 Flight




- Hearing

- Athlete

GM: brahnamin Redemption Coins: 1 Loss Coins: 5

For the sake of consistency and so we are not working at cross purposes, I prefer to be the only one who updates the Character/GM tables, which I try to do with every GM update of the IC thread. However, if you notice I've missed or forgotten something, please give me a shout out in the OOC thread so I can fix it.

Character Generation[edit]

Character Generation rules for the Post Apocalyptic hack of DRYH.



Recruitment Thread

OOC Thread

IC Thread


OROKOS Dice Roller. You are welcome to use any dice roller that indexes and links your rolls. This one handles the mechanics of DRYH really well.

GRAND CENTRAL ABSENCES STATION If you aren't going to be able to post.

RPG.net BB CODES A handy repository of RPG.net Formatting code.

Don't Rest Your Head PDF Purchase the PDF of Don't Rest Your Head. It was still going for $5 when I posted this link. I do not get any money for promoting this product. This is only posted for your convenience. I am happy to answer any questions that will facilitate you making a character or playing the game if you don't own your own copy.

[Note: A link to the Rules Summary for the Post Apocalyptic DRYH Hack for the Ashes of Gods setting can be found at the bottom of this page].

Player/GM Expectations[edit]

A brief outline of my expectations and preferences and what you can expect from me within the framework of this game.

NPCs by Location[edit]

Truth or Consequences

  • Marcus Bailey, Firestarter [DECEASED]
  • Carl Tucker, Town Spokesman, Former Janitor
  • Widow Mary Hendrix, Former preacher's wife, a little crazy
  • Emily Simpson, Lydia's Mom
  • Lydia Simpson, 8, Only non-orphan kid in T or C
  • Hunter Jackson, 16, orphan, Precog
  • Rooster - Biker
  • Jim - Dead Biker
  • Marc Greer, 12
  • Lana Page, Unknown Edge
  • Red Mullins, Redneck Cliche, no known Edge


For the most part the mechanical heft of the DRYH engine remains the same with only cosmetic changes to names and concepts, but the linked summary should help keep everything straight.