Dame Sayaka Moon of New Rome

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Captain Dame Sayaka il'Moon, C.D.[edit]

Age: 42 years old. Homeworld: New Rome Characteristics: 479ECC

Sayaka is a Knight of the Order of the Belt of Glisten, a Ducal level order, Commanded and sponsored by the Duke of Glisten.


Admin 3, Advocate 1, Athletics 0, Electronics (Comms) 1, Gun Combat 0, Gunner (Capital) 1, Language 0, Leadership 3, Mechanic 1, Medic 0, Melee (Blade) 3, Pilot (Spacecraft) 3, Streetwise 0, Tactics (Naval) 2, Vacc Suit 0

Friends and Foes: Nicholle Hortalez (enemy), Lucian Shiishuginsa (enemy), Lynn Kaagria (rival), Ramon Kaarin Manguldi (enemy), Lionel Wassa (contact)

Other: TAS Membership, 48000 Credits, 10000 Credits pension.

Equipment: TL 10 Cloth (500), TL 11 Computer/2 with Intelligent Interface, TL 8 Mobile Comm, TL 10 security, TL9 Translator (800), Rapier (200), Gauss Pistol (500)

Connections: Darion (Tactics), Igliim (Leadership)


Sayaka has jet black hair, often set in a hard knot but at the times when it's left loose it reaches down well behind her shoulders. This is only recently though, as for most of her career she kept her hair shaved. Her eyes match her hair, even though not black, they are still dark brown. But perhaps the most defining feature of her face is her cheeks, which are covered with fencing scars, along with one just at the side of the throat. She doesn't strike an imposing figure as such, small shoulders, thin arms and slightly below average height, but she has a clear air of authority and speaks as one who is used to have her commands obeyed. She dresses in uniform, which is quite simple, rather than the more extravagant which would be expected of someone her rank.


Sayaka was born into the middle-class and pushed by her parents to excel. She was raised in the belief that a few generations back, her family had been part of a cadet house of a great family. Falsely accused, they had been severed from nobility and since that time they had been craving for reinstatement. Like many tales parents tell their children this was pure lies, but a young Sayaka believed in it. She spent time with her childhood friend and classmate Darion Blake of New Rome, at least when he wasn't out fishing. They both studied hard to make it into the University, and to discover what was out there in the black emptiness. Unfortunately for those plans, Sayaka's head of family decided that she should be put through the Imperial Naval Academy, rather than something as frivolous an academical career. When she was done, she could see the family name restored properly. So they invested money, they invested favours, even to have her take the tests. She passed. This meant that she would not be attending the University with Darion, and it would take nearly two decades before they saw each other again, two different persons.

Sayaka passed the high bars of the Imperial Navy Academy. Once there however, her low social class did her no favours. Surrounded by the creme-de-la-creme, her claims of noble origins where disproved and mocked. Bereft of motivation, she was set to fail. It didn't help that while playing a prank on classmate Nicholle Hortalez, it went wrong, the young noblewoman made the joke of the class, which resulted in major backlash major incident on the Academy, that nearly saw Sayaka court martialled. As an "encouragement" and to set the students aside she was loaned to the New Rome wet-fleet, as the academy didn't want to take important hours away from those more likely to succeed. She founder herself serving aboard a submarine, deep beneath the oceans instead of the endless sky. However, instead of washing out however as was expected of her at this point, she instead found motivation, excelled and despite the odds passed with honours. It had the side-effect that Lucian Shiishuginsa felt snubbed of an award that was "rightfully his".

Sayaka set her sights to Engineering to get away from Academy life, and with her honours she was immediately transferred to one of the Imperium's Battleships as a junior officer. Unfortunately, the ship was mostly docked for reconfiguration, and most of her time was spent administrating cargo and work hours. While she was due a promotion, her fellow officer Lynn Kaagria, whom Sayaka thought a friend, blamed her for their mistake with admin work, and then blatantly took credit for handling it.

With her ship still undergoing refitting, Sayaka was trained in piloting smaller ships as she's given the responsibility to transport her crew around the outside of the massive ship. It was at this point, while a detachment of Marines used the docked Battleship for training exercises she met Iglim of Tsarina. Becoming one of the pilots attached to assisting the Marines, she creates a stronger bond with them than she has had with her fellow officers. She catches Lieutenant Ramon Kaarin Manguldi selling Imperial goods through back channels, and is offered to be in on the deal. Instead she turns the tables, turns him in and arrests him in the process of smuggling.

A few years later and bloodied by her previous placement on a smaller ship, Sayaka goes into Flight instead, if nothing else because it seems to be a fast-track for getting her own command. While being transferred, she is put in frozen watch. Unfortunately, the device malfunction. The atrophy caused is still visible in that she occasionally stutters and her fingers tremble. She gains a promotion, but she mostly think it's a compensation for her not reporting the cryogenics malfunction.

Time just flies by at this point. She is eventually promoted to Commander and given her first command, a smaller ship set to protect trade. At some point she is notified of a trader flagged with debts. Many jumps and cat-and-rat games later, she finally corners the trader. Finding no contraband worthy the imperial ban, she deescalates the situation, even as her crew is quite annoyed at having pursued the vessel for so long. Much to Sayaka's surprise, her childhood friend Darion is among the traders and they reconnect. Neither of their lives had turned out as they wanted. Returning the trader to port, she takes the crew to another star port several jumps away so they have a chance to get lawful employment, while their debtors take their share from the ship instead of breaking their bones to get interest. She creates a strong bond with her pilot, Lionel Wassa, who retires into the private sector a few years later. During an altercation between some local group and the Glisten navy she was able to broker peace that would have caused unrest in the period for an unforeseeable period. She meets one of the leaders of the local group Bridin Innes of Tierem as well as with the representatives of the local navy and after having reviewed the evidence of both sides takes the side of the Imperium - that any aggressor would be held accountable for hindering trade. This seems to have come as a bit of a shock to the local group.

Switching to the Line branch just as war breaks out with the Sword Worlds, she is soon given her first proper command, the Battletender Admiral Tamerlan Thorell as it is being taken out of mothball. Having some experience with refitting huge ships, she gets it operational in way ahead of schedule and is both promoted to Captain and Knighted before being sent off. She serves well, suffering few causalities. Mostly, she's kept out of action, but given a special extraction mission where she retrieves Igliim and Alexander from a sticky situation. The fighting she is involved in shows just how outdated the ancient ship is. Her detailed reports show as much, but alas her enemies from the past take the opportunity to both retire Sayaka and the ship from service.