Daring Tales of the Space Lanes

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This is the page for the play by post game using the Savage Worlds rules and the Daring Tales of the Space Lanes campaign.

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Extra rules & Information[edit]


  • "Grease" - Ship's Engineer / Blob played by Valandil
  • Astrolabe- Human Navigator, co-pilot, and psionicist played by johanngottliebfichte
  • Bethany D. Summergate - Dashing adventuress, heartbreaker and rocketship captain played by Max
  • Buford Baker, Human Gunner, Human Medic, superhuman rodeo clown! played by Geijhan

XPs and Advances[edit]

  • XP 20 5 advances Grease
  • XP 20 5 advances Astrolabe
  • XP 20 5 advances Bethany
  • XP 20 5 advances Buford


None so far.

Character contacts[edit]

  • once per adventure pcs can create one contact