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A map of the play area, an as of yet unnamed peninsula.

A kingdom-building Pathfinder PbP campaign run by OMG.

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Main Cast[edit]

JoanieSappho as Alassa Creyr

LizardBite as Kyras Noor

Max as Ran Ranaab Aan Danang

Mitch as Hugo Dufresne

RookieRPG as Strom Heartseeker

Tomato Jam as Dawid Lusk (formerly Caledor Hathalil)

Dawnhaven Character Sheet Template

Supporting Cast[edit]

Tazzlemint Fizzlebum, the local representative of the Church of Iodan.

Kingdom Status[edit]

The arms of the city and state of Dawnhaven: per fess wavy argent and azure, the Sun ascendant Or.

Capital: Dawnhaven

Alignment: Chaotic Good (+4 Loyalty)

Fame: 1

Size: 1

Population: approx. 500

Treasury: 22 Build Points (~88,000gp)


Holidays: 1 (Loyalty +1, Consumption +1)

Promotion: Token (Stability +1, Consumption +1)

Taxation: Light (Economy +1, Loyalty -1)


Economy: +11 (+3 Magister, +3 Marshal, +1 Mill, +1 Taxation, +3 Treasurer)

Loyalty: +14 (+4 Alignment, +4 Councilor, +1 Holidays, +3 Royal Enforcer, -1 Taxation, +2 Warden)

Stability: +14 (+4 General, +4 Grand Diplomat, +4 High Priest, +1 Mill, +1 Promotion)


Consumption: 0 (-3 Farm, -2 Fishery, +1 Holidays, +1 Promotion, +1 Size)

Unrest: 0 (subtract from all Economy, Loyalty, and Stability rolls)

Control DC: 22


Role Who Benefit Vacancy
Ruler Queen Alassa the First Creyr +CHA to Economy, Loyalty, or Stability (pick one) +4 Unrest, can't build farms, settlements, or roads.
Consort ... +CHA/2 Loyalty, Can act as temporary Ruler to negate Vacancy None
Councilor Kyras Noor +CHA or WIS to Loyalty Loyalty -2, no benefit from Holiday edict, Unrest +1
General Strom Heartseeker +CHA or STR to Stability Loyalty -4
Grand Diplomat Queen Alassa the First Creyr +CHA or INT to Stability Stability -2, no Diplomatic or Exploration Edicts
Heir ... +CHA/2 to Loyalty, Can act as temporary Ruler to negate Vacancy None
High Priest Strom Heartseeker +CHA or WIS to Stability Stability and Loyalty -2, Unrest +1
Magister Caledor Hathalil (NPC) +CHA or INT to Economy Economy -4
Marshal Ran Ranaab Aan Danang +DEX or WIS to Economy Economy -4
Royal Enforcer Ran Ranaab Aan Danang +DEX or STR to Loyalty, May attempt to decrease Unrest during Upkeep phase None
Spymaster Kyras Noor +DEX or INT to one Kingdom attribute during Edict phase Economy -4, Unrest +1
Treasurer Hugo Dufresne +INT or WIS to Economy Economy -4, cannot collect taxes
Viceroy Tafflemint Fizzlebum (NPC) +INT or WIS to Economy, can lead vassal states Vassal state considered Rulerless
Warden Dawid Lusk +CON or STR to Loyalty Loyalty -2, Stability -2

Terrain Improvements[edit]

  • Farm at Dawnhaven (-3 Consumption)
  • Fishery at Dawnhaven (-2 Consumption)


Dawnhaven (Capital)[edit]

The district grid of Dawnhaven.

Districts: 1


  • Houses D3 (Kingdom Unrest -1)
  • Mill F6 (Kingdom Economy +1, Stability +1; Settlement Productivity +1)
  • Watchtower F1 (Defense +2, Unrest -2, Stability +1
  • Smithy F5 (Kingdom Economy +1, Stability +1)
  • SPECIAL: 2 sides protected by natural "moats" (Settlement Defense +2)

Population: approx. 1000

Base Value: 1,000gp

Defense: +4 (+2 natural moats, +2 Watchtower)

Productivity: +1 (+1 Mill)

Kingdom Chronicle[edit]

Turn 1[edit]

The month of April in the year 1 AD (After Dawn) - The settlers arrive and meet with their local allies. The Iodanite mission leave to claim their territory in the south-east. The site of the future capital is explored and a rogue giant wolf slain.

  • 1 hex claimed
  • 1 hex prepared for settlement
  • the settlement of Dawnhaven founded!

Turn 2[edit]

May, 1 AD - The first official gathering of the Dawnhaven government.

  • Farm and Fishery built at Dawnhaven
  • House and Mill built in Dawnhaven
  • Murder in Dawnhaven!
  • Giant boars found north-west of Dawnhaven

Turn 3[edit]

June, 1 AD - The second gathering

  • Watchtwoer built at Dawnhanven
  • Smithy built in Dawnhaven
  • Terandus Cult activity in Dawnhaven

Deities and Domains[edit]

Dawnhaven Gods

House Rules[edit]

As Dawnhaven consisted of giant plants and animals, it also contains many wonders and resources. As such, many hexes are considered Special Terrain as per the standard rules.

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