Destruction of Gem

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Destruction of Gem[edit]

Ah, the destruction of Gem, so constant a reminder of the folly of man, and yet so heartwarming in it's tale of heroism, valor, religious dedication, and creativity. It's vast devastation, recreation, redestruction, re-recreation, re-redestuction, and re-re-recreation serves as a tale of caution for all us who would let the magic of technology claim superiority over the more trustworthy and reliable practice of actual sorcery or even mortal thaumaturgy.

As the story goes, the Tessian Mechanarchy had spent decades creating the Echolocutax, and had taken over Gem and all it's inhabitants just to enslave them for the back breaking labor it would take to mine out all the precious gems and minerals their diabolic machine would require. First hand accounts from ancient weathered diaries describe the enslavement of the people of Gem as terrible, even in comparison to other great mass slaveries, like the Mountain Folk under Mount Meru, and of course the harsh treatment of the Sentient Fruit People of Pax Tsuferu (thought their enslavement was much shorter lived). Thousands of messages, solar beams, smoke symbols, telepathic cries for help, were sent out by the poor people of Gem, and in time, their saviours finally heard them.

When the Anklok descended on Gem, their war-clubs raised high, their scaly hides alight with Essence-born flame, the great Steel Warlord of the Mechanarchy knew his days in Gem were up. They fled in their great teleportation devices and airships, leaving their greatest device, the Echolocutax, behind. The Anklok, on the other hand, didn't know when to stop thier path of destruction, and ended their battle fury only after the entire city was razed, and the earth salted. Thus began the Solarine Purges by the Tessians, and we all know how that turned out; the hotly debated Anklok Uprising.

~Emiritus Dail, Chief Chronicler of the Daylit Temple Acadamy

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