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April 1897 – Springtime In London –

Lady Emily Stevens walked slowly along the trail next to the lake, pushing her baby stroller along the even path. A slight whistle came from her lips as she enjoyed the gloriously sunny day. Rain had plagued them for weeks and this was the first time she was able to get the young boy out into the world.

Down in the carriage, asleep as his mother rolled him down he paved path laid a baby John Stevens, the clothes on his body fit for a two year old, even though he was only 3 weeks old. His thumb in his mouth, as he blissfully dreamed of what babies dream about.

Emily continued to walk slowly around Regent’s Park, enjoying the fresh air blowing off the lake and the crisp sounds of birds echoing through the trees as the sun beat down upon her flowered dress.

A glint of light flashed off a piece of metal and it caught Emily’s eye off in the trees. Always being a curious lass, she wheeled the carriage over towards the trees and into the grass. The carriage wheels hit a rock and the buggy refused to budge any further, but the bright glint of light hit Emily in the eye again, and it was like she was transfixed on it.

Her hands left the handle of the carriage for only a moment as she walks over to the tree, and then reached up and took out a small sliver of metal from bark, holding it in her hands and moving it very easily with her delicate fingers, she allowed the sun to shine and bask on the metal, watching as it flashed upon her face. Thinking this would be a great addition to her son’s new room, she put it into a handkerchief and then placed it in her purse.

Walking back over to the carriage, she looked down, and found it empty… Startled she looked about for her newborn child, frantic now she grabbed the carriage and started to run up to people asking if they had seen her baby… Alas, no one had… John Stevens had disappeared.

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