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The world is a strange and secret place.

In lost valleys, ancient ruins wait to be discovered. From mountain-top labs, telluric rays cut through space. In the halls of power, hidden masters move puppet agents on invisible strings.

It's up to you to unlock their mysteries.

You're explorers, soldiers, men of science.

You cast light on the long shadows of history, walk bold across the earth, create the wonders of the future.

This is your time for adventure!

Welcome to the wiki for Terra Occulta, a pulp-action, tabletop role playing campaign featuring Telluric Weirdness, played with White Wolf Game Studios' Adventure! game. This wiki is designed to serve as a "series bible" and resource for the players and GM, to help keep better track of everything that appears in game. Anyone is free to edit the wiki and add to our game.

Cast of Characters[edit]

Two-Fisted Heroes[edit]

  • Intrepid Explorers: The main cast of Terra Occulta; the player characters
    • Private Journals: The personal journal of each explorer, filled with private musings on their fellow travellers, the villains they face and the discoveries they make.

Dastardly Villains[edit]

  • The Usual Suspects: They say you learn the measure of a man by looking at his enemies. Collected here are some of the vilest rogues ever to walk the earth, and some of the noblest too - but all have crossed swords with our daring heroes.

Dolls, Fellas, Janes and Palookas[edit]

  • Bit Players: The characters who've touched our heroes' lives. This page describes their family and friends, as well as the dozens of people who've walked into and out of their sight in countless smaller ways.

Agents of Change[edit]

  • The Janissaries: Fanatically loyal bodyguards of the sultan of the Ottoman Empire, this order of expert soldiers and assassins was supposedly dissolved in 1826...
  • The Lazarus Trust: An old explorer's society, the Trust employs our heroes and is the common glue that binds them together.
  • The Thule Society: An occult society bent on creating a Germanic Utopia, they'll trod anyone they have to beneath their booted heels.

Exotic Places[edit]

  • America
    • Empire State Building: The skeletal frame of the world's tallest building, and home to Tesla's Death Ray!
    • Innsmouth: A quiet New England fishing village, replaced by something from beyond the veil of space and time!
  • Romania
    • Vaneko Manor: The stately home of a morbid nobleman, obsessed with his parents' deaths

Journals of the Lazarus Trust[edit]

Weird Science[edit]

Ancient Artifacts[edit]

Modern Designs[edit]

Futuristic Wonders[edit]

  • Death Ray!: The foremost tool of the mad genius Nikola Tesla!
  • Doctor Bermuda's Toolbox: Various marvels and whizbangery created by Doctor Bermuda.
  • Interferometer: An machine the size of an airplane hanger, it creates an inpenetrable force field by drawing bands of energy from the air through Fornier Expansion.
  • Nutriwheat: A special hybrid wheat that packs the nutritional value of a full meal.
  • Steviomium: A rare metal as light as aluminum but far stronger than steel.
  • Zero-Time Reference Generator: A device that locks into the very rotational motion of the universe.


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