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The city once housed a large population of Red Elves, some fifty score. In fact, it is said that this shore and lands surrounding it are their homelands and where they are most populous. The remnants of that population are now only a few dozen living along the northern wall. They still participate actively in the city and have representation on the council from ancient times. They do practice their tradition of extreme training of the most gifted of their population as sorcerer-warriors, Laleh the Seventh Tide being one of these.

Although Amrandir the Elder is the leader of the enclave, it is generally thought that red elven society is matriarchal. Mineh, an older cousin of Laleh´s, is an advisor to Amrandir.

Haslos was Laleh´s older brother. He was trained as a sorceror-warrior but was found long-dead before the gates of the island keep, his satchel containing notes bearing his thoughts on the source of the undead curse.