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Characters from Amber are referred to as Amberlites.


The Amberlin royal family

The founder of the family is Dworkin Barilen

Children of Dworkin Barilen[edit]

Vinchense, Son of Dworkin[edit]

The only confirmed reference to Vinchense in writing is in an early diary of Oberon. It states;

"A memory from my ancient youth is of a thin man, unshaven, kind, but deeply sad. His form wavering.  I do not remember his voice, nor his touch. I knew he was my brother, an ancient man and confidant of my father.  He was kind to me. In my memory he seems to have been scarred by the lore of Chaos.  His form wavered. I have sought him in many places and through many auguries and found no sign of him.  If he lives, he hides well.  Vinchense-Should it occur that you read these words, come to me"  

Dworkin has refused to comment on him. Random's insistance that the family members of the line of Barilen be brought to Amber has gained no traction with Dworkin.

Oberon, Son of Dworkin (Green & White)[edit]

Deadish. Former King of Amber. The Voice of Ages. Founder of the Royal Line of Amberlin. Builder of The Great Castle. Sanctifier of the Great Hall of the Unicorn. The history of Amberlin is his story. Fallen while repairing the Pattern during the Patternfall War, his wounded form was sent to sleep with the Ancestors of Darkness. He once said Death is no reprieve from Duty.

Princes and Princesses of Amberlin[edit]

Osric (silver & red)[edit]

Illegitimate. Child of Queen Cymnea. A giant of a man with a booming voice and endless energy. Strong but loud.

Finndo (green & gold)[edit]

Illegitimate. Child of Queen Cymnea. A consummate Sorcerer in the early ages of Amber. Former King of Amber. A dark and brooding man of great intelligence. Complicated, opinionated, secretive. In a time of great troubles, in the absence of King Oberon who was presumed destroyed or captured, he sized the throne of Amber and held it for 97 years. Throughout that time he fought off in encroaching powers on many fronts. His reign ended suddenly. Rumored to have been destroyed while attempting complicated magic with the primal pattern, his act resulted in the sudden reappearance of Oberon.

Benedict (orange, yellow, brown)[edit]

Illegitimate.Child of Queen Cymnea. The master tactician of the family as well as the unmatched master of all martial weapons, and a man who seldom smiles. The consummate warrior. Patient, learned, physical, determined. The shadows shake when he sets his mind on a course.

Eric (black & red)[edit]

Illegitimate.Child of Queen Faiella. King of Amber. Dead, but a restless Ghost. In the absence of Oberon he siezed the throne in a time of cabals and intrigue for the good of the Kingdom. Arrogant, loud, brash, narsissitic.

Corwin (silver & black)[edit]

legitimate. Child of Queen Faiella. King of Avalon A warrior and musician. Amberlin's Bard.

Deirdre (silver & black)[edit]

legitimate. Child of Queen Faiella

Fiona (green, lavender, purple)[edit]

legitimate. Child of Queen Clarissa. Sorceress.

Bleys (red & orange)[edit]

legitimate. Child of Queen Clarissa.

Llewella (green, lavender, gray)[edit]

illegitimate, Child of Lady Moins of Rebma, Legally adopted.

Brand (green)[edit]

Illegitimate. Child of Queen Clarissa. The Villein of the piece.

Sand(Tan and Brown)[edit]

legitimate. Child of Queen Harla. Twin of Delwin

Delwin (Brown and Black)[edit]

legitimate.Child of Queen Harla. Twin of Sand

Caine (black & green)[edit]

legitimate. Son of Queen Rilga

Julian (white & black)[edit]

legitimate. Son of Queen Rilga

Gérard (blue & gray)[edit]

legitimate.Son of Queen Rilga

Florimel (green & gray)[edit]

legitimate.Son of Queen Dybele.

Coral(Peach and white)[edit]

Illegitimate.Child of Kinta, Noble of Begma

Random (orange, red, brown)[edit]

legitimate. Child of Queen Paulette. Reigning King of Amber

Mirelle.(red & yellow)[edit]

legitimate. Child of Queen Paulette. Known to be mad.


Legitimate. Child of Queen Paulette

Dalt (black & green)[edit]

illegitimate .Child of Deela the Desicratix. Circumstances of his conception are questionable.

Cousins and Deeper Generations[edit]

Martin, Son of Random and Morganthe[edit]

Illegitimate. son of Random by Moire's daughter Morganthe. Legitimized and Formally adopted by Random and Vialle.

Rinaldo, Son of Brand and Jasra[edit]

also known as Luke.

Vance, Son of Delwin (Purple & White)[edit]


Merlin, Son of Dara and Corwin(purple and Grey)[edit]

Illegitimate. Stepson of Gramble Sawall. Technically Prince of Avalon.

Dara,Great-granddaughter of Benedict & Lintra (Red and Orange)[edit]

Sorceress of Chaos. Mother of Merlin, Jurt and Despil.

Merlin, Son of Dara & Corwin[edit]

Despil, Son of Dara & Gramble Sawall[edit]

Jurt, Son of Dara & Gramble Sawall[edit]


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