Drogo the Barber

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A character in the Belstead PBP Burning Wheel game.


Drogo's life so far has been short but brutal, much of that brutality committed by him. Conscripted while still little more than a boy, he had blood on his hands before he could shave. He's done horrible things, taken people for ransom or to be sold into slavery, and worse. Now he's trying to leave that life behind, trying to go straight.


Age 23 Stock Human Village Male


  • Village born
  • Conscript
  • Outcast: Kidnapper
  • Village: Barber


Will B4
Perception B4
Power B3
Forte B3
Agility B6
Speed B4


Health B3
Steel B7
Reflexes B4
Resources B1
Circles B2


Apothecary B4
Bloodletting B4
Knives B4
Anatomy B2
Foraging B2
Gossip-wise B2
Interrogation B2
Soothing Platitudes B2
Torture B2
Village-wise B2


  • Agreeable
  • Charming
  • Hard-Hearted
  • Hide Before Battle
  • Thick Skinned


Superficial B?
Light B?
Medium B?
Severe B?
Traumatic B?
Mortal B9


Fate 2
Persona 2
Deeds 0


  • Relationship (wife): Magda – His beloved wife
  • Gear: Apothecary Tools
  • Gear: Bloodletting Tools
  • Gear: Run of the mill knives
  • Gear: Clothes and shoes
  • Gear: Cottage
  • Reputation: 1D: Caring barber. The public face of Gregor, the only one he's let anyone see for many years.
  • Reputation: 1D: Cold-hearted kidnapper. The reputation he's left behind.


  • I'm not that man anymore. I can't be.
  • I will stop at nothing to shield my family from my old life.
  • I can make it work. I can have this normal life.


  • Always smile pleasantly.
  • Always carry a knife.
  • Never leave a deadly enemy alive. Men with slit throats cause no future problems.