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The Burning Wheel is a fantasy role-playing game independently written and published by Luke Crane. The game uses a dice pool mechanic (using only standard cubical six sided dice) for resolution, and a system of prior-experience for character generation that tracks the development of the new character from birth to the point she begins adventuring.

Unlike many other RPGs -- but explicitly like earlier games -- the Burning Wheel does not include a dedicated setting, beyond the setting implied by the rules and mechanics and the lifepaths used in character generation.

The core game includes lifepaths for generating Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Orcs as characters, providing each with unique exceptions or additions to the overall game mechanics. Humans have access to Sorcery and miraculous Faith, Elves have a Grief attribute and spell songs, Dwarves have Greed and Orcs have Hatred.

In addition, the supplement the Monster Burner includes not just premade monsters, but mechanics for designing and building your own creatures and complete lifepaths for them, as well as rules for creating your own lifepaths, traits, skills and emotional attributes in order to customize the game to your campaign.

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