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This is a list of NPCs from the Easy Money WHFRP PBP


Eduardo’s Tavern[edit]

Sad Eduardo[edit]

Estalian owner of Eduardo’s tavern


his wife


a barmaid at Eduardo’s

Hans & Ernst[edit]

Averlander twins; regulars at Eduardo’s

Wilhelm Braun[edit]

a peddler and former sailor; dead, killed in darkness at the Luitpoldstrasse watch station


Braun's widow

Stefan Zweigler, the Halt[edit]

a club-footed smuggler; missing and possibly dead after an encounter with the Skaven

Altdorf's Streets[edit]

Stefan Heyergriek[edit]

A Thieves’ Guild crimelord; owner of the Emperor’s Griffin, a new clubhouse for the nobility and sponsor of a new play, 'Last Days in Ostland'

Gerda Heyergriek[edit]

his daughter and secretary

Anna Amalia[edit]

con artist; friend of Gottfried; lost to the Nacthaus


A mad, homeless veteran missing both legs


A veteran employed as a bouncer by the Vagr Breughel Memorial playhouse

Heinrich Kramer[edit]

A small-time thief and Shade-addict; he was known to have connections to the Nacthaus. Horrifically mutilated and murdered by the daemon hounds and mutant cultists of the Nachthaus.

Dorotea Frey[edit]

The only known Nacthaus escapee; she was warped both mentally and physically by her experiences. She has been killed by Otto.

Pieter Kromme[edit]

A racketeer and Kagnar Ulisson's former henchman; killed by Manny


A rat catcher and devoted agent of the Skaven. Disappeared.

Wili's Gang[edit]

Bad Wili[edit]

leader of a gang of street-urchins. A devout Sigmarite and former choirboy


A child in his gang


Eldest surviving member of the Orphans gang. Killed by the Skaven.

Shrine of Ranald[edit]

Elsa Kaltenbach[edit]

priestess of Ranald; Manny’s sister


one of Elsa's child acolytes

Doktor Liebenfreud[edit]

an alchoholic barber-surgeon and disciple of Ranald

Frau Ritterbach's Brothel[edit]

Gertha Ritterbach[edit]

Madame of Ritterbach's brothel; a friend of Gottfried's


A prostitute working at Frau Ritterbach's


An Estalian prostitute working at Frau Ritterbach's


A prostitute working at Frau Ritterbach's; originally a wealthy Ostland burgher's daughter


A young prostitute working at Frau Ritterbach's; addicted to opium

Altdorf Watch[edit]

Jurgen Pannenberg[edit]

the recently appointed High Constable of the Altdorf Night Watch


sergeant of the Night Watch

Rudolf Kittel[edit]

guardsman of the Night Watch; a devout Sigmarite

Klaus Koch[edit]

guardsman of the Night Watch; heavily scarred


Johannes de Silentio[edit]

He's a sadistic, exiled elf of Ulthuan and rogue agent of the Marienburg secret service.

"Forty years ago, the Thieves' Guild of Altdorf was still young and it hadn't reached any arrangement with the city's merchant houses. There was a trio of merchants in particular who wanted the thieves utterly crushed, and they had enough money to buy the city guards' loyalty -Schneider, Wechsler and Grossmann. It was during the time of the second trade-war with Marienburg, and they had all grown rich selling arms and supplies to the Emperor's forces"

"I need not say that this particular story should not be added to your repertoire, storyteller. It is one of Ranald's many secrets. Anyway, after attempting negotiation and making clear and unmistakable threats, the Guild Council agreed that the three must die. They hired an outsider for it -one Johannes de Silentio, a swordsman from the Border Princes.

"But he didn't keep within bounds. Instead of just the three merchants, he killed their wives, their children, their servants, their dogs... he turned their homes into charnel-houses and a blasphemy before Ranald. When he returned for his money, the Council refused to pay him. He left without saying anything, but when each councillor returned home, they found everything in their homes dead with the tongues cut out"

"He became the subject of Altdorf's biggest manhunt -the guards, the thieves, everyone. Every night for a month, some fool claimed to have seen him in the fog at the back of some blind alley, or passing along the docks in the night -a tall slender man in a broad-brimmed hat with a scarf wrapped around his mouth, like that couldn't have been half the men in Altdorf. Eventually, the guards hanged some poor fool who looked like him and that satisfied them and the Guild put it about that they'd taken care of Silentio themselves, but Johannes de Silentio was never really caught by anyone"

"It shouldn't have mattered. The real Johannes de Silentio probably died of the pox in some Border Prince brothel a long time ago -his kind don't live very long. Nobody really remembers him now -I only know the story from Gallows Rolf, who kept the shrine here before me; he helped in the hunt for Silentio too. It's surprising that Wili's even heard the name. I think something vile is brewing in Altdorf"


merchant killed by Silentio


merchant killed by Silentio


merchant killed by Silentio

Gallows Rolf[edit]

Elsa's predecessor as priest of Ranald

Cult of Sigmar[edit]

Father Vincenz Briemle[edit]

a Sigmarite priest; the rector of St Albrecht's chapel

Lector Benedict von Logau[edit]

lector of Suderich, secretary to the Grand Theogonist and inquisitor of the Order of the Cleansing Flame


man-at-arms in the Order of the Fiery Heart


Baron Karl von Metzradt[edit]

Wolfenburg noble, recently murdered in Ost End

Lady Konstanze von Hohenweisel[edit]

Fiancee to Kaspar Heinemann

Sir Rudolf von Hohenweisel[edit]

An arrogant young Reiksguard captain, brother to Konstanze

Lord Hasso von Monteufel[edit]

Director of a notorious asylum. Killed and briefly impersonated by an anonymous inmate and worshipper of Slaanesh

Urs von Baltasar[edit]

A Magister of the Grey College. Murdered under mysterious circumstances by Fan Lung in the Yellow Room.

Count Reiner von Heydrich[edit]

Known as 'the Hangman'; brutal army commander; currently at the tin mines in Valmont

Middle Classes[edit]

Horst Seehofer[edit]

A bowyer; Johann’s master

Eberhard Hagenberg[edit]

A burgher and trader in lumber; Otto's brother-in-law; recently murdered by Silentio

Hild Hagenberg[edit]

His wife; Otto's sister

Aldo Lorenz[edit]

A merchant; Hagenberg's business partner

Katja Lorenz[edit]

His wife; van Eyke is having an affair with her

Bertholdt Dreisen[edit]

An Ostlander lawyer; their new spokesman following von Metzradt's demise. He is now dead, poisoned by his wife for his affair with Katarin Braun.

Elena Dreisen[edit]

His wife

Kaspar Heinemann[edit]

A trader in luxury goods

Adelbert Fleischer[edit]

A judge




A penniless student and drug addict in Abu al Khayr's employ


Marguerite Deveraux[edit]

An actress

Jean Jacques Canneton[edit]

A tailor

Professsor Jean-Pierre Hardel[edit]

A liberal scholar and the current owner of the Enheduanna papyri


Harm van Eyke[edit]

A trader and former spy from Marienburg. Now the filling in Rumster pies.


Giuseppi Marconi[edit]

A Tilean mercenary captain once employed by van Eyke



Chieftain of the Estalian Harvesters gang and Crimson Shade dealer. He has entered into an uneasy alliance with Otto for distribution of the Shade in Altdorf.

Border Princes[edit]

Josef Vadassy[edit]

A hapless and unlucky journeyman silversmith, briefly mistaken for Johannes de Silentio and now deeply in debt to Kagnar Ulisson



A seer and worshipper of Tzeentch. Eckhart has now encountered him twice before major events in his life, and Njall has suggested that they are fated to meet again.


Abu al Khayr[edit]

An opium dealer, surgeon to the poor and worshipper of Verena. Abu al Khayr is fighting with Fan Lung, and wants to get the Enheduanna papyri, which are said to grant eternal youth before his rival can.


Al Khayr's niece, who is teaching Otto to read and who may be falling in love with him.


Fan Lung[edit]

Known as 'the Hornet', an opium dealer, trader in antiquities and alleged worshipper of Slaanesh. He is fiendish and inscrutable.

Song Fang[edit]

Opium dealer in Fan Lung's employ

Johann Woo[edit]

Gunman in Fan Lung's employ


Gillyflower Terrapin[edit]

Halfling matriarch, connected to the Rumster clan

Stod Bellwhistle[edit]

A balladeer, deported to the salt mines for murdering a business rival


Kagnar Ulisson[edit]

A feared dwarf moneylender and landlord; Manny's boss

Gunnlaug Erikson[edit]

A dwarf gunsmith; Johann's employer