Elemental Dufirosm

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Elementals live in realms of purish energy with little or simple intelligence. From animal to low human intelligence. They gain intelligence and advancement to Spirit form by existing for periods under bound service or trading their efforts in their elemental forms. This is why they are easy to bind. As they gain separate sentience, away from their elemental power they gain in their abilities.

The children of Dufiro by many different races on occasion gain elemental powers. If they gain enough power they may transition to the elemental form.

Air Elemental Dufiros: Purify Air to desired degree. Air attacks. Earth Elemental Dufiros: Convert rock to soil. Refresh Soil. Rock attacks Fire Elemental Dufiros: Start fires in many environments. Fire attacks. Water Elemental Dufiros: Purify Water. Summon Water. Water attacks. Change Elemental Dufiros: Transition from one item to another. Natural shapeshifters.
Scent Elemental Dufiros: Glories in the various scents in nature. Sound Elemental Dufiros: Variations in noise Hue Elemental Dufiros: These Elementals can effect colors in many different ways and is nearly always a short lived race that develops into spirits of Blending, Paper, Color, or Illusion Mix Elemental Dufiros: These rare Elementals are attracted to combing new alloys, most of which can not maintain form after their absence Flux Elemental Dufiros: These extremely rare elementals rejoice in the diversity of change and Flux in the nature of shadows near Chaos. They are nearly always elemental forms that transition into Spirits of Change on the way to Avasa of Shifter and Masoja of Shifter
Movement Elemental Dufiros: These very rare Elementals...

The above are major elementals but numerous minor ones exist. Many minor ones can function in limited shadow ranges according to local environmental needs and effects.