Elesseran the Forsaken

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  • Character Name: Elesseran the Forsaken
  • Class: Elf (Callarii)
  • Level: 1
  • XP/XP Needed: 2,800 / 4,000

Ability Scores[edit]

  • Strength: 14 (+1)
  • Intelligence: 18 (+3)
  • Wisdom: 10
  • Dexterity: 11
  • Constitution: 12
  • Charisma: 8 (-1) / Max Hirelings: 3 / Henchman Morale: 6 / Reaction Modifier: -1
  • +10% XP bonus for Str 13+ and Int 13+


  • AC: 6
  • HP: Current = 4; Max = 6
  • Base Attack: +1
  • Weapon/Weapon Feat/Damage
    • Normal Sword / B / 1d8 damage
    • Long Bow / B / 1d6 damage / Range 70/140/210

Saving Throws[edit]

  • Death Ray/Poison: 12
  • Magic Wands: 13
  • Paralysis/Petrify: 13
  • Breath Weapon: 15
  • Rod/Staff/Spell: 15

Class Abilities[edit]

  • Heatvision
  • Elf Sight
  • Ghoul Immunity
  • Spellbook
    • cantrips: anatomics, catfall, firefinger, gather, know direction, read magic; Memorized (4/day): know direction, catfall, firefinger, firefinger
    • 1st-level spells: guiding light, sleep; Memorized (1/day): sleep



  • Arcane Lore +1
  • Engineering +1
  • First Aid +1
  • Geography +1
  • History +1
  • Magical Engineering +1
  • Riding (Horse) +1

Weapon Feats

  • Normal Sword - Basic
  • Long Bow - Basic

Languages: Thyatian, Elven, Alphatian, Daro, Draconic


  • Backpack - 20cn
  • Belt - 5cn
  • Boots (plain) - 10cn
  • Clothes (peasant) - 20cn
  • Spellbook - 25cn (personal)
  • Spellbook - 25 cn (0 lvl: Color, Dampen, Firefinger, Hairy, Knot /1 lvl: Light, Magic Missile)
  • Waterskin - 30cn
  • 20 Arrows - 10cn
  • Quiver - 5cn
  • Normal sword - 60cn
  • Long bow - 30cn
  • Scale armor - 300cn
  • Lesser healing potion x1 - 5cn
  • Magic?? Sword - 60cn
  • Money: 100 gp, 10 ep, 10 sp (purse) / 1267 gp, 73 ep, 193 sp, 2 rubies (300 gp value ea.)(bank)
  • Total Encumbrance: 725
  • Move: 30 feet


Unlike other elves, Elesseran lives life as if each day were his last, as if each moment carried the weight of decisions that raise up or bring low nations. He is much like Men -- mutable, emotional, and perhaps even a little chaotic -- and it is this quality that has bestowed him with the moniker of the Forsaken.

His family were horse trainers, breeders of the finest riding horses in all of the lands. In Darokin, they were well-known and sought out by any that needed a swift and sure steed. But a fateful caravan trip left Elesseran in the care of mercenaries when most of his family and their guardsmen were slain. When given the choice to go back to his clan or to stay with some of his protectors, Elesseran chose an affable spellcrafter and a company of mercenaries. To this day he doesn't quite know why, but perhaps it was because Elesseran's brothers and sisters were older and could carry the weight of the family's business without him. Or maybe it was wanderlust.

Traveling with a spellcaster and sellswords quickly gave Elesseran a taste of Darokin guilds, but also reinforced how fleeting life was. Money, affluence, power, politics, greed; these things came and went, and so did the lives of many people Elesseran knew and loved. Seeking to soak up the vibrancy and youth of a life lived fully, Elesseran may have stopped to take time and see the beauty of the things around him, or understand the wisdom of the past...

After learning the rudimentary skills necessary to begin a path to perfecting the arts of sword and bow, however, Elesseran has turned more fully to the study of the arcane arts. His spellcaster mentor -- Gregor Eyes-of-Flame -- has awoke in the young elf a new-found respect and thirst for history and lore, specifically that surrounding the magic of Elves and Men. Elesseran has quickly become obsessed with learning more, but not through dusty tomes or half-remembered myths and parables. He hungers to find and play with powerful magics, to touch the artifacts of his Calarrii ancestors, and to experience firsthand the magically-fortified stonecraft of the Dwarves.

Elesseran has struck out on his own. He seeks not gold nor glory -- only insofar as they might help his true motives, perhaps -- but knowledge. Knowledge of the world before, of his ancestors, and of the secrets of magic. That he's lived a life among mercenaries away from his clan has created an obstacle -- and perhaps has given him enemies he's not even aware of yet -- but nevertheless Elesseran the Forsaken walks the path of an adventurer in hopes of uncovering ancient secrets and discovering powerful new dweomers unlike any thus far known.


The Elf is robust for his size, clearly strong, with piercing blue eyes and a shock of white hair tied back into a flowing topknot. His skin is fairly darkly tanned, as it is for most Callarii. He wears scale armor of utilitarian appearance, with a long bow slung on one shoulder and a broadsword held in the opposite hand. Though his elfin features make him fair, his clothing and equipment is clearly weather-beaten.

Elesseran's Scorecard[edit]

Holding such a great capacity for memories, as both an Elf and a spellcaster, Elesseran often keeps a running tally of notable events during his adventures. Here writ is a running tally of his adventures' memorable moments:


Azarax the Seeker[edit]
  • troglodytes x3 - sleep spell!
Elesseran the Forsaken[edit]
  • giant beetles x2
  • ghoulish pygmy guy x1
  • kobolds x3 - one of them with a stray arrow shot!
  • fire beetle x1
  • morlock x2
  • xxx
Olin Roffencrag[edit]
  • kobolds x2 - Cleave x1!
  • giant pet beetle x1 - first kill with flaming sword!
  • morlock x3
  • morlock x1
  • fire beetle x1 - chopped off it's head
  • giant beetles x1
  • kobolds x1
  • fire beetle x1
  • morlock x2
  • giant beetles x1
  • kobolds x2 - Cleave x1!
  • fire beetle x1
Guillermo Guerrero[edit]
  • xxx
Miro Bucketton[edit]
  • kobolds x2 - Cleave x1!
  • ghoulish pygmy guy x1 - arrow to the throat
  • giant beetles x2

Random Notes:[edit]

Azarax the Seeker[edit]
  • Uncovered 1 spellbook in giant beetle den (now in Elesseran's possession)
Elesseran the Forsaken[edit]
  • Discovered 1 secret door in kobold den
  • Discovered 1 secret door in kobold den
  • Incited kobold rebellion via charm person on their chief
Guillermo Guerrero[edit]
  • xxx
  • xxx
Olin Roffencrag[edit]
  • Party pin-cushion for the first couple adventures (so far...)
  • xxx
  • xxx
  • Triggered alarm x1 in kobold den

Stuff We've Found:[edit]

  • kobold/beetle caverns beneath the Mill (@Threshold): coin, armband (worth ~100 gp), magic sword (flaming sword)
  • ghoul pygmy dungeon at the hill (@Threshold): coin, queen's heart/organs in a jar, bronze sheets
  • degenerate humanoid caves (@Threshold): 1280 gp, 4 agates (worth 25gp each), magic? sword