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In Search of Adventure[edit]

This is the wiki for In Search of Adventure, set in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos and using the Dark Dungeons ruleset (a Rules Cyclopedia retro-clone, available for free here). Thirdkingdom is the sole GM. This wiki will provide a central place for all game information: character sheets, treasure and encumbrance, background fluff, maps, etc. It is the individual player's responsibility to maintain their own wiki entries. If it is not listed on the wiki the character does not have it.

Player Characters[edit]

The Deceased and Departed[edit]

Encumbrance Ape[edit]

  • Azarax the Seeker
    • Kit: 218
    • Treasure: 330
    • Total: 548
    • Move: 30'
  • Elesseran the Forsaken
    • Kit: 725
    • Treasure:
    • Total: 725
    • Move: 30'
  • Erathis
    • Kit: 507
    • Treasure:
    • Total: 507
    • Move: 30'
  • Inna
    • Kit: 646
    • Treasure: 28
    • Total: 674
    • Move: 30'
  • Thuelar
    • Kit: 799
    • Treasure: 670 g.p.
    • Total: 866
    • Move: 20'
  • Vaskar
    • Kit: 393
    • Treasure:
    • Total: 393
    • Move: 40'
  • Olin
    • Kit: 605
    • Treasure: 0
    • Total: 605
    • Move: 30'
  • Movement Rates: up to 400 cn=40'/round, 401-800=30'/round, 801-1,200 cn=20'/round, 1,201-1,600=10'round, 1601-2400=5' round, over 2401 no movement possible.

Entourage and Beasts of Burden[edit]

  • Sarah, Vaskar's Mule
    • Kit: 100 cn w/saddlebags. (Saddlebags hold 800 cn) 370 Vaskar's belongings
    • Treasure:
    • Total: 470
    • Move: 40'/round up to 3,000 cn, 20'/round up to 6,000 cn
  • Horatio, Azarax's Mule.
    • Kit: 8,000 cn (cart). Party gear (grappling hook/80cn, hammer/10cn, 10 iron spikes/50cn, 2 coils of 50' rope/100cn)
    • Current load: 240 cn
    • Move: 20 '/round up to 6,000 cn

House Rules[edit]

  • Magic-users (not elves) begin with a number of spells in their spell books equal to Read Magic plus 1 plus Int. Modifier. So a character with an Int. modifier of +2 would begin play with a total of 4 1st level spells.
  • Elves begin with the spell Read Magic, one spell of their choosing from the book, and one spell from the "New Spells" section of the wiki (see below). This third spell muct be an elf spell and must be either generic "elf" or of their clan.
  • At first level and first level only a thief character can purchase skills to improve her listed abilities. Each skill selection improves a specific ability by 5%. Therefore, a character could purchase the skill Find Traps and gain a +5% bonus right off the bat. Again, this option is only available at 1st level and any one ability can only be increased by 5%.
  • Languages -- In Search of Adventure
  • Alignment. The default alignment for PCs, as well as the civilized world in general, is neutral. Lawful and Chaotic represent the extreme outliers. The spell Protection from Evil and other keyed spells/abilities function based on intent as opposed to alignment; some evil humanoids, such as hobgoblins, for instance, are lawful.
  • Cantrips-- Magic-users and elves
  • Orisons-- Clerics
  • Trading Spells. Spellcasters are inherently jealous and greedy, and so PC spellcasters will only trade spells on a one for one basis.
  • Cost of Living. Characters will pay 50 gp per month to meet lodging, food and incidental expenses. Play begins with the first 50 gp already having been spent. This cost of living will increase by some to be determined amount roughly every 3 levels to reflect the characters' growing wealth and prestige.
  • XP Reserve. Characters may spend excess funds on ridiculous or egotistical purchases that have no in-game purpose. Doing so gives the character a number of XP equal to 90% of the gp cost. If said character dies, a new character can be created using this XP reserve, and will begin play with given amount of XP.
  • Hirelings, Henchmen, and Retainers.
  • Learning New Spells

Plot Hooks[edit]

  • Insect Infestation in the Old Mill.
  • Delivering a package for Sindar the elf.
  • Local cleric and hearthrob Aleena gone missing.
  • Beast terrorizing farms.
  • Merchant named Hakeem looking for adventurers.
  • Clifton Caldwell needs qualified eviction personnel.
  • Evil temple and dangerous caves.


Background/Campaign Fluff[edit]

The Grand Duchy[edit]

Thirty years ago, the Duke Stefan Karameikos traded is ancestral lands in Thyatis for the slice of land that would become the "Grand Duchy of Karameikos" in addition to independence from Thyatia, the power to the east. The Duchy is, to a large extent, still a frontier. When the Thyatians arrived they found it already oocupied by a people calling themselves Traladaran as well as populations of elves, halflings and dwarves.

Threshold is a logging/fishing community of some 5000 souls located in northern Karameikos. It is in the process of undergoing a boom in population in wealth; sitting as it does on the main trade route from Darokin (a nation to the north) and Specularum (the capital of Karameikos).

The Shearing: A Karameikan Rite of Passage[edit]

Yet again another AWESOME video. This seeris is easy going, laid back BUT very detailed and right on target. This is one Internet tutorial that does not waste one second of your time.

Guilds of Karameikos[edit]




New Spells[edit]

Religion in Karameikos[edit]

Kill Total[edit]