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A Character Sheet

Background and Story[edit]

Character Details[edit]

  • Name: Esrolina or Lina Loudmouth
  • Occupation: Herder
  • Tribe: Colymar
  • Clan: Hiording
  • Mother´s Clan: Lysang (Malani)
  • Cult: Vinga Adventurous
  • Race: Human Heortling
  • Gender: Female
  • Standard of Living: Poor
  • Base Income 60L
  • Ransom 500L
  • Reputation: 13%
    • 5% famous Orlanthi ancestor
    • 3% Sakkar adventure


Str: 17, Con: 12, Siz: 15, Int: 18, Pow: 9, Dex: 14:, Cha: 13.

  • Hit Points: 13
  • Total Encumbrance Points: 15
  • Total Magic Points: 9
  • Damage Bonus: +1D4
  • Healing Rate: 2
  • Movement: x
  • Spirit Magic Damage: 1D6
  • Current Magic Points: 10

Rune Affinities & Passions[edit]

Elemental Runes

  • Air 70%
  • Fire 0%
  • Darkness 60%
  • Water 0%
  • Earth 50%
  • Moon 0%

Power/Form Runes

  • Man 25% | Beast 75%
  • Fertility 50% | Death 50%
  • Harmony 50% | Disorder 50%
  • Truth 50% | Illusion 50%
  • Mobility 75% | Stasis 25%


  • Honor 60%
  • Love (Family) 60%
  • Loyalty (Lysang Clan) 60% from Herder mother
  • Loyalty (Hiording Clan) 60%
  • Loyalty (Colymar) 60%
  • Loyalty (Shaker Temple) 60%
  • Hate (Lunar Empire) 60%
  • Loyalty to Larnste´s Table 60%
  • Loyalty (Leika) 60%

Skill Groups[edit]

(Skills for Rune Lord in italics, also Honour, 1H Sword, other melee weapon & Missile weapon)

  • Agility: +10%
Boat (05) 25
Climb (40) 50
Dodge (DEX×2) 38
Drive Chariot (05) 15
Jump (DEX×3) 62
Ride (Horse) (05) 20
Swim (15)
  • Communication: +10%
Act (05) 15
Art (05) 15
Bargain (05) 20
Charm (15) 25
Dance (10) 20
Disguise (05) 15
Fast Talk (05) 15
Intimidate (15) 25
Intrigue (05) 15
Orate (10) 60%
Sing (10) 51%
Speak Own Language (Heortling) (50) 60
Speak Stormspeech (00) 30
Speak Tradetalk (00) 20
  • Knowledge: +10%
Alchemy (00)
Animal Lore (05) 25
Battle (10) 23
Bureaucracy (00)
Celestial Lore (05) 15
Cult Lore (Orlanth/Vinga) (05) 30
Customs (Heortling) 35
Elder Race Lore (race) (05) 15
Evaluate (10) 20
Farm (10) 40
First Aid (10) 30
Game (15) 25
Herd (05) 55
Homeland Lore (local) (30) 50
Homeland Lore (other) (00)
Library Use (00)
Manage Household (10) 20
Mineral Lore (05) 15
Peaceful Cut (10) 50
Plant Lore (05) 15
Read/Write (language) (00)
Shiphandling (00)
Survival (15) 25
Treat Disease (05) 15
Treat Poison (05) 15
  • Magic: +0%
Meditate (00) 5
Prepare Corpse (10) 10
Spirit Combat (20) 35
Spirit Dance (00)
Spirit Lore (00)
Spirit Travel (10) 10
Understand Herd Beast (00)
Worship (Vinga/Orlanth) (05) 30
  • Manipulation:+20%
Conceal (05) 25
Craft (specific craft) (10) 30
Devise (05) 25
Play Instrument (05) 25
Sleight (05) 25
  • Perception: +10%
Insight (Human) (20) 30
Insight (Other) (00) 10
Listen (25) 36
Scan (25) 50
Search (25) 35
Track (05) 25
  • Stealth: +10%
Hide (10) 24
Move Quietly (10) 21

Magical Abilities[edit]

  • Spirit Magic:
    • Disruption (1)
    • Fanaticism (1)
    • Heal 1
    • Mobility (1)
    • Protection 1

  • Divine Magic:
    • Cult Vinga
      • Rune Points: 3
        • Dark Walk (1|Darkness/Movement)
        • Bear´s Strength (2|Odayla|Beast) +20%

Atk/Manip/Agil & +2d6

        • Tame Bull (1|Barntar|Air)
    • Cult Yinkin
      • Rune Points: 1
        • Catseye
  • Gifts/Geases:

Hit Points and Armour[edit]

Location Name Armour types A.P. H.P. Enc. Hit Location
Head xx xx 5 xx 19-20
Left Arm xx xx 4 xx 16-18
Right Arm xx xx 4 xx 13-15
Chest xx xx 6 xx 12
Abdomen xx xx 5 xx 09-11
Left Leg xx xx 5 xx 05-08
Right Leg xx xx 5 xx 01-04
  • Total Hit Points: 13 HP
  • Total Armor ENC: xx

Weapons and Shields[edit]

  • Skill Bonus: +20%
  • Strike Rank Dex 2 + SIZ 1
Weapon/Shield Name Damage S.R. A.P. Attack % Range Enc.
1H Broadsword 1D8+1+1D4 5 12 55 xx 1
2H Greatsword 2D8+1D4 4 12 40 +10 Cult xx N/A
1H Spear 1D6+1+1D4 5 10 35 xx 1
1H Battle Axe 1D8+2+1D4 6 8 40 xx 2
Quarterstaff 1D8+1D4 3 8 35 xx 2
Dagger 1D4+2+1D4 7 6 45 xx 0.25
Grapple xx xx xx 45 xx N/A
Fist xx xx xx 45 xx N/A
Kick xx xx xx 35 xx N/A
3 x Javelin 1D10+1D2 2? xx 40 +30 Herder xx 3
Sling 1D8 2/7? xx 35 xx 1
Medium Shield xx xx xx 50 xx N/A
Large Shield 1D6+1D4 6 16 55 xx 3
  • Total Weapon ENC: 13.25

Alynx Skirri[edit]

STR 6 CON 14 SIZ 4 POW 22 DEX 23

  • HP:
  • Move:
  • SR = SIZ + DEX =
  • Skills Dodge 50%, Hide 75%, Move Quietly 90%,

Listen 30%, Scent 25% Hit Locations


Auntie Daradessa[edit]


  • Weapons:
    • Broadsword
    • 1H Spear
    • Battleaxe
    • Dagger
    • 3 Javelins
    • Staff
    • Shield (Large)
  • Armour:
  • Other:
    •  : tunic/blouse, skirt/breeches, sandals/boots, loincloth, warm cloak (hide or woven-grass), headgear/hat/cap, belt knife, fire-making gear, and a water skin.
  • Valuables: 20L, Leika's ring, Foebiter (bronze greatsword with matrices for Detect Enemies, Detect Spirits and Light, and 4 MP that can only be used to cast those spells).


Ring mail hauberk. 80L, -15% AP 4, ENC 2.
Closed helm if that doesn't use all the resources up. 30L, ENC 1, AP 2

Sam - because Ageir is an only child (but with lots of aunts and uncles) I think the cousin angle is rather good. Eydis (on Unnr's side) is still alive - so that's not the clan Ageir is part of, but still close kin.

A cow is worth 20L, a sheep is worth 3L

Orvan, Paternal Grandfather, Priest of Heler.
1582 King Tarkalor and his wife the Feathered Horse Queen went to war with the Lunar Empire to aid the Old Tarshites, aided by Praxian and Esrolian mercenaries and volunteers. The Red Emperor personally led the Lunar Army and when the armies met at the Battle of Grizzly Peak, the Lunar Army swept the field with their vastly superior magicians. Both King Tarkalor and his Queen were killed
1582 Your grandparent was not present at the Battle of Grizzly Peak
1597 Lunar assassins killed members of the Sartar royal house in the Holy Country, and many got entangled in the cycles of murder and vengeance.
1597 Fought in the Holy Country, survived
1598 Esrolina is born as the result of a Year marriage between Orvan´s son Kultaros and Yerestali, a herder.
Mother Yerestali, Herder
1602 The Lunar army invaded the kingdom of Sartar with great success, although at high cost, seizing the supposedly impregnable capital city by force and extinguishing the Flame of Sartar that united the legendary kingdom
Boldhome Campaign: Yerestali and her only sibling Sorasin, a charioteer, are killed in battle. Gain Honor Passion. Maternal line has more or less died out but could be related to another PC.
Esrolina is about 4 and goes to live with her father.
Father Kultaros, Farmer
1603-1604 After the Boldhome Campaign, the Lunar Empire dominated Dragon Pass. Old rivalries reignited, and the Lunar authorities encouraged the tribes to kill each other off.
A normal year
1605 A major thrust by the Lunar army to invade the Holy Country, striking at heavily populated Esrolia. Countering with magical strength, the god-king Belintar stopped the Lunars by inflicting a decisive and humiliating defeat
1605: Fought in the Feint to the Sea Campaign. Survived
1610 The Lunar army, this time better prepared and equipped, marched into Prax and defeated the nomads in battle, then occupied the surrendering city of Pavis. Jar-eel the Razoress, a Lunar demigoddess, came to Tarsh and liberated King Moirades to transcend his mortal coil. Although she later gave birth to Moirades’ son, the king’s eldest son Pharandros became King of Tarsh.
1610: Killed by a Dinosaur (Loyalty Shaker Temple)
Uncle Hendharl, Aunt Serenela´s husband, who is a Scribe and Lhankor Mhy sage
1613 Outraged by the Lunar presence and urged on by social unrest, the Sartarites rebelled in strength and temporarily expelled the Lunar army. The Lunars regrouped, and under the leadership of General Fazzur Wideread soundly defeated the rebels. The Red Emperor appointed Fazzur Wideread the Governor-General of Dragon Pass.
1613: Fought in Starbrow’s Rebellion. Outlawed by Lunars for 5 years (to 1618). Gain Hate (Lunar Empire).
It is now 1614

Mother´s side:
Mother Yerestali (herder) and Aunt Sorasin (charioteer) killed in the Boldhome Campaign. Maternal line essentially dies out.
Father´s side:
Paternal Grandfather Orvan who fought in the Holy Country, Priest of Heler, still alive, had a number of Year Marriages so my uncles and aunts are mostly half-siblings. Still knocking about.
Eldest Uncle Korol, died in 1602 at siege of Boldhome never married.
Father Kultaros, died, several year marriages, killed by a dinosaur
Uncle Darbrast, Dead, was married. Died in 1613 while defending the Hill of Orlanth Victorious with King Kallai and his son Kangharl?
Aunt Serenela, Alive and Married, she is a Hunter and has looked after me for the past four years, married to Hendharl below
Aunt Dushana, Alive and Married is an Entertainer and is like an older sister
Youngest Aunt Daradessa, Alive and (was) married, was going to be a Noble, by marriage, but that man was vile (he could be an NPC). When her brother Kultaros was killed by a dinosaur before her, she travelled to Wintertop where the priestess told her she had been spared by the Gor sisters and was to act as her niece´s bodyguard so as to help take vengeance on Shepelkirt (=my follower, Babeester Gor warrior). So I can use my father was killed passion to be Loyalty (Shaker Temple)
Hendharl, Aunt Serenala´s husband, is a Scribe and Lhankor Mhy sage who has been outlawed by the Lunars for five years for participating in Starbrow´s Rebellion.
As I haven´t specified my Mother´s parents and she is dead, she could easily be of another PC´s bloodline. Same for my Paternal Grandmother.
I have one sister I know of, Derana, may still be a child. Or she is my mother´s daughter?

Random Boon: You gain a follower. Perhaps it is a free person who carries your shield and other weapons into battle. Perhaps it is a servant or slave who carries your stuff, makes your meals, or performs other manual labor. See Retinues on page 404
Your Aunt Daradessa is fine for your bodyguard; be aware that bodyguards cost maintenance to the tune of 60L a year. In this instance, it would be expressed as seasonal sacrifices to Babeestor Gor (10L a season, counting Sacred Time, on her seasonal Holy Days). You'll also be responsible for keeping her armed and armored if her equipment is damaged, as she's totally dependent on you for income. I want your bodyguard to be useful to you, but I also don't want her to become a second character, so we'll have to talk about some limits to her role. My preference is to let you run her, but to retain veto power over her actions if she steps outside her role as a bodyguard. So, no leaving you to protect a more vulnerable party member or scouting ahead, things like that. Does that seem reasonable? In a similar vein, I think I'd like to build her sheet, and then you can look it over to see if there's anything you want added, given her role.
Skills for RL:
4 from: Other melee weapon, Battle 20, Climb 50, Drive Chariot 15, Honour 60, Jump 62, Missile weapon 70, Orate 60, Ride 20, Scan 45, Sing 45, Speak Stormspeech 30, Worship Orlanth 25
To train:
Worship Orlanth 25, Battle 20,
Experience checks: Worship Orlanth 25, Battle 20, Move Quietly 20, Hide 20, Charm, Herd,

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