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Ninevehn's Glorantha campaign using RQG. Recruitment OOC IC

Player Characters[edit]

Esrolina Vingan Herder played by Sam I Am
Serzeen Esrolian Temple Dancer / Entertainer played by Stormraven
Holfin Finebeard played by cryonic
Olerin Firemane Lodrili (Gustbran) Smith played by Roadscholar
Ivartha Orandesdaughter Hiording Healer played by Cultist of Sooty
RQG Character Sheet


Ageir Unnrson Orlanthi Skirmisher played by Pedestrian
Arim_Deerhound Tarsh Exile Bandit played by pstjmack

Player Holdings[edit]

  • Broken Gate Stead
Owner: Ivartha
Use: Tenant Farming
Dwelling: Small Home
Feature: Arable Land
Improvements: Apple Orchard
Income: 90L

Other People (aka NPCs)[edit]

Party Logistics[edit]

I will be rolling dice at, which will create a permanent record. [1]

BtW Party Tracker[edit]



BtW Family History[edit]

BtW Recent Events[edit]

Colymar Tribe[edit]

  • Clans descended from the Blackspear Clan of Colymar the Founder.
    • Anmangarn, called Blackspear, a small clan, noted for their toughness and ferocity, that breeds fine black bulls.
    • Arnoring, called Bayberry, a large clan along The Stream that gets on well with the ducks.
    • Ernaldori, a mighty, semi-matriarchal clan that holds Clearwine Fort.
    • Konthasos, a large clan that grows the best clearwine and are known as peacemakers.
    • Orlmarth, called Woodpecker, who live around Starfire Ridge and have a rivalry with the Greydogs of Lismelder.
  • Clans that joined later
    • Antorling, called Apple, a large clan that resides in the Arfritha Vale.
    • Enhyli, who breed horses, worship Elmal and hate the undead.
    • Enjossi, called Salmon, a small clan that lives around Kjartan Lake.
    • Hiording, called Swancloaks, a small clan inhabiting the upper Swanvale. Apple Lane is here.
    • Narri, a large clan along the Upland Marsh, famed for their horses.
    • Taraling, called Barley, a large clan in Swan Valley and the Stael Hills. They hold Runegate.
    • Varmandi, called Badger, a small clan known for their terrifying warcry and violence.
  • Clans severed after Starbrow's Rebellion.
    • Zethnoring
    • Lysang
    • Namolding


Character Generation[edit]

  • All Homelands, Professions and Cults are available.
    • If there is a cult you are interested in that is not written up, let me know.
  • Family History has some changes because we are starting in 1614.
    • 1582 and 1597 are your grandparents' events.
    • 1602 to 1613 are your parents' events.
      • If your most influential parent dies, continue with the next one, then more distant relatives as needed.
    • Do roll on the Random Boon Table (p40)
    • If you did not gain three Passions from your history, add Passions until you have gained three.
  • Roll for Characteristics as on p53 of the rulebook, under the Determining Characteristics heading.
    • Use all the options in the Minimum Characteristics sidebar. You're young, but gifted!
  • Skip Step 7: Personal Skill Bonuses, as per the Inexperienced Characters sidebar on p25.
  • Make sure you roll for a Family Heirloom!

House Rules[edit]

  • Spears: Long Spears can be wielded one-handed with the requirement of Str 11, Dex 7. It does 1d8+1 impaling damage and has an SR of 1 when wielded in this fashion.

Tables and Charts[edit]