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Ghost Hunt[edit]

This takes place in the Phoenix castle Morikage Toshi (location p17)(pages 15 and 296). Sometime in the late Eight century (we're now in the 12th) a Phoenix lord abused his former dragon wife. The former dragon wife took her life, consumed by grief the mother of the wife cursed the castle and the lord that ruled it. The caste became over run with plant life and the ghost of the former dragon still haunts the palace. It was used sometime in the year 1130 to house the kidnapped Totoru I, until 1132 when he was discovered and recued by Unicorn Clan scouts. Giving even more fuel to wanting it cleansed so it would not be used in such a way again.

The characters will include a phoenix shugenja who is a direct decedent of the castle's Lord Shiba Takimoto, when it was cursed. The castle belongs to his family and his family daimyo wants it back. So he must go with an assembled group to cleanse the castle of it's curse. The shugenja is assigned his group at his daimyo's request.

Of course the daimyo's first precaution was to assign a Phoenix bushi yojimbo to protect the young Shiba.

After that, a direct decedent of the dragon that cursed the castle, Mirumoto Hunei, is going. He however is a brash young bushi of house Mirumoto and doesn't want anything to do with this quest. He's only going out of duty.

Lastly, a young Mantis bounty hunter, married to the Daimyo's daughter, who knows some secrets of ghosts, and not afraid to enter the cursed castle. This young Tsuruchi goes to mend some mantis-phoenix strife.

Session Notes[edit]

The first game, mostly filled with learning the system.
Second game, also filled with learning of the system.
We all knew there was something up with this bandit issue.


Player Characters
Tsuruchi Takahide Mantis Clan Bounty Hunter (Bushi)
Shiba Hikaru Phoenix Clan Shugenja
Agasha Noritada Phoenix Clan Bushi
Mirumoto Toichi Dragon Clan Bushi
Daidoji Sachi Crane Clan Shugenja

Non-Player Characters
Shiba Takimoto Shiba General, Lord of Morikage Toshi.
Shiba (Mirumoto) Jikyo Dragon bride to Shiba Takimoto.
Mirumoto Hunei Mother of Jikyo, shugenja of the Dragon Clan.
Tokai The child that touched the castle.
Miyazaki Son of Shushoro the farmer.
Shushoro Prosperous rice farmer on the north most end of Morikage Toshi. Swore everything he owns to Tsuruchi Takahide to find his son.
Oni Yaku Leader of the bandits in Morikage Toshi.