Ezekiel Michael Drake

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Ezekiel Michael Drake
First Episode Session 1
Concept Questing Eccentric Noble
Theme Song Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot
Played By David Tennant, actor
Full Name Ezekiel Michael Drake
Legal Status No Criminal Record
Known Aliases N/A
Age 29
Birthplace England
Favored Weapon Sword Cane


Physical Description[edit]

Clean shaven, slight, and of average height, Ezekiel carries himself with the bearing of someone with more muscle and clout. His movements are quick and without waste. He carries a sword cane with him at all time, but does not need it to walk - instead, he uses it for support during moments of weakness caused by his disease. His glasses are bifocals - he can see and read without them, just not as well.

Psychological Profile[edit]

Ezekiel is a honest man, a believer in the idea that truth will set you free. His vision at the age of 8 has created a focused, dedicated individual who believes in the equality of all and the power of faith. He is not without humor, but it is often quiet and subtle rather than direct and confrontational. He is also, for the most part, an optimistic man. When knocked down, he'll get right back up and keep going onward.

Character Sheet[edit]


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