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This is for the Victoriana campaign

Game Calendar[edit]

See Main Page calendar for other games.

Currently we are playing Victoriana on a bi-weekly schedule.

  • 08 Jan - Victoriana
  • 14 Jan - Victoriana
  • 28 Jan - Victoriana
  • 11 Feb - Victoriana
  • 25 Feb - Victoriana*

 * Denotes game with a break at 1245hrs.

The Story So Far . . .[edit]

The ongoing exploits of our merry band of adventurers can be perused here.

Campaign Level Dramatis Personae:[edit]

The PCs[edit]

Katherine Elizabeth Meridian Fleming - The Forgetful Heiress – Middle upper-class Eldren Adventuress (Kim)

Dionysius Beignet – The Faithful Butler, and Crack shot. Not a Hobbit, a Halfling(Jim)

Ezekiel Michael Drake – The Egalitarian Eccentric – Noted Chartist and Museum trustee. (Andy)

Flora Spenser – The Kept Woman with the lost memory– Noted Worker in the Eldest of professions (Cindy)

Josephine Gabrielle Arceneaux – The Itinerant Information Specialist – None dare call her “Circus Folk” (Maer)

Rebecca Spenser – The Archaeologist with a taste for adventure – Medium with the Touch (Terri)

Immediate Associates[edit]

Bertram Worchester Maxfield-Dashwood (Formerly, Bertram Worchester Maxfield-Fleming) – The Profligate Dilettante - Live-in Cousin to Katherine and Sugar daddy of Flora. A near-do-well lately come into a considerable sum of money.
Sir John Fielding - Blind Chief Magistrate of the Bow Street Magistrate's Court, Not doing bad for 198 year old.
Sir Reginald Throckmorton - Hard drinking, spell casting, money accumulating member of the Diogenes club, Master of Thaumaturgy, and sponsor of Dionysius Beignet.
Mr. Billy Butcher - Orc former apprentice Butcher with a fondness for dismemberment. Friend of Evey. Last seen headed towards the East India Company's offices with Pop.
Pop - Young weasel Beastman sophisticate of Whitechapel. Friend of Evie . Last seen headed towards the East India Company's offices with his friend Billy Butcher.
Sir Christopher Ashmore - Knight, Clergyman, and Demonologist, Sir Christopher is also an Arthurian historian and on a quest to find Excalibur and Avalon, King Arthur's final resting place.
Alexi Kalishnikov - Russian Prince and husband to Evie. A man easy on the eyes and impossible to ignore.
Ilga and Svetlana - Hussar Bodyguards for Alexi.


Mrs. Helena Gordon nee Agnew – Widow and heiress to the Gordon’s black soap fortune.

Lt. Henry Gordon – Mrs. Gordon’s son, late of the Crimea.

Mr. Roger Mortimer – Inventor, Engineer and professor at Brunel Engineering College, Cambridge looking for funding for his latest project

Mdm. Selene Dashwood – Cat beastwoman with family secrets. Fiancée of Mortimer

Hanny Saulnier - Cat beastwoman, French Thaumaturge of East Indies descent, and Selene's Godmother

Abegail - Cook and acting Head Housekeeper of Lady Katherine's townhouse

Sir Winslow Morsely - Senior Lecturer of Thaumaturgy, Oxford

The Villians[edit]

Countess Ezrabet Rembecki – Wealthy Foreigner looking for business investments

Nicolai – Countess Rembecki’s associate

The Lay of the Land[edit]

Being a Guide to the Lands and Locales Encountered in Our Adventures.

Victorian Links[edit]

The Victorian Web. Fascinating and seemingly endless. You might fall in and never climb back out.

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