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Between the idea
And the reality
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the Shadow

For thine is the Kingdom

Between the conception
And the creation
Between the emotion
And the response
Falls the Shadow

Life is very long

Between the desire
And the spasm
Between the potency
And the existence
Between the essence
And the descent
Falls the Shadow

For Thine is the Kingdom

(The Hollow Men,
by T.S. Elliot)

Falls the Shadow[edit]

Falls the Shadow is a Shadowrun play by post style game on the rpg.net forums. It is a game of hope and of despair, of creeping terrors and of terrifyingly competent meta-human beings who stand ready to stop them. It is a game of politics and war, corporate espionage, of uncomfortable reincarnations, of a world in flux, and an ancient cycle of destruction visited anew upon the Sixth World. The Horrors rise. Invaders from beyond swarm at the gates. And at the heart of it all is a small band of Shadowrunners who might just be in a position to decide the outcome.

Player Characters[edit]

Setting Information[edit]