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The Family Tree of the House of Bariman

The family of Bariman has origins in the Courts of Chaos, perhaps even the ruling family of the Chaos. The origins of the family Bariman became public knowledge during the Patternfall War. Before the war only a few princes and princesses of Amber were known, and a few other stragglers were rumored about. No one of the next generation beyond the Elders were known publicly. During the Patternfall War Martin and Merlin became well known, as well as Dara and her related kin in Chaos.

After Random became King he issued the Call to the Kin of Bariman. After 70 years the size of the bloodline of Dworkin has been greatly revealed.

The information on these charts is the information casual research and general public knowledge can gain. Rumrs of some dead family members are unconfirmed.

For the people in the deck see King Random's Deck-KRD.



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