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There are some groupings of family members that reflect interest or connections if not strictly speaking family relations. Jeweled Amber

King Random's Deck-KRD[edit]

King Random's Deck-KRD

The King Random's Deck is the default deck given by Random to family members.

Deck of Monsters[edit]

A small group of children of Oberon at a time when powers were wild and Oberon was young. Things were done that were later to define the meaning of evil.

Fleece Av Reet Eater
Fleece.jpg] D-Av-Reet.jpg D-eater.jpg
Hinarik Vox Nalshik
D-Hinarik.jpg D-vox.jpg D Nalshik.jpg


Pirate Kings[edit]

The Pirate Kings Deck is a short deck of the Heirs of Fisk. This deck is a rare one of which only a few exist.

Osric Son of Oberon Fisk Son of Osric Jade Daughter of Fisk
D-osric.jpg D-fisk.jpg D-jade.jpg
Quin Son of Jade Abelvi Son of Quin
D-quin.jpg D-abelvi.jpg

Hero's Deck[edit]

This deck is produced to highlight heroic individuals. Heroic, not necessarily good buys or on the side of goodness.

Osric Benedict Deirdre Bleys
D-osric.jpg D-benedict.jpg D dierdre.jpg D-bleys.jpg
Julian Gerard Giovanni Dalt
D-julian.jpg D-gerard.jpg Giovanni1.jpg D-dalt.jpg
Elfwine Doria Truman Carissa
D-elfwine.jpg Doria.jpg T Truman.jpg D-carissa.jpg
Duncan Vander Vance Kenshin
Duncan.jpg Vander42.jpg Vance.jpg D kenshin.jpg
Shaz Far Abelvi Jurt Macsen
Shaz Far.jpg D-abelvi.jpg Jurt-ja.jpg Macsen4.jpg

The Bursain Deck[edit]

A deck that has recently appeared

Green-Carissa Green-Truman Green-Arloxedra Green-Vander
D-carissa.jpg T Truman.jpg Arloxedra.jpg Vander42.jpg
Green-Vance Green-Zachary Green-Yalla Green-Grace
Vance.jpg Zachary.jpg YallaGanth.jpg Grace.jpg
Blue-Borlack Blue-Hiroaki Blue-Maylon Blue-Derek
D-borlak.jpg Hiroaki.jpg Maylon.jpg Derek.jpg
Blue-Jurt Blue-Pierre Joker-Bleys Blue-Macsen
Jurt-ja.jpg Pierre.jpg D-bleys.jpg Macsen4.jpg

The Azcalan Deck[edit]

A deck that has recently appeared

Sigil of Azcala Sigil of Tesola Sigil of Umillan-Zlapa Sigil of Ahshaza
1s sigil Azcala.jpg 32s Tesola.jpg 8p Umillan-Zlapa.jpg 14s Ahshaza.jpg
Sigil of Zictla Sigil of Mictlan Tier One:Tzin Tlalocan Tier Two Tesola
12s Zictla .jpg 31 Mictlan.jpg 4p Tlalocan.jpg 32s Tesola.jpg
Tier Three:Umillan-Zlapa Tier Four: Ahshaza Tier Five: Untola Tier Six: Zictla
30s Umillan-Zlapa.jpg 14s Ahshaza.jpg 33p Untola.jpg 9p Zictala.jpg
Tier Seven: Zunala Tier Eight: Etepaq Tier Nine: Mictlan Tonacat King of Azcala. Lord of Tlalocan
34p Zunala.jpg Etepaq.jpg 31 Mictlan.jpg 22 Tonacat.jpg
Cihuacoa Queen of Azcala Quetzal-Lord of Umillan-Zlapa Zictalas Zentalas
27 Cihuacoa.jpg 17 Quetzal.jpg 16 Zictalas.jpg 7 Zentalas.jpg
Xozla Cihalas Acoza Acolna-
Xozla.jpg Cihalas.jpg 35 Acoza.jpg 24 Acolna.jpg
Aztalios Untara Mictlantecuhtli ("Lord of the Underworld") Mictecacihuatl ("Lady of the Underworld")
18 Aztalios.jpg 29 Untara.jpg Mictlantecuhtli.jpg Mictlancihuatl-02.gif
Cihuacoatl Acolmiztli Xolotl Chalmecacihuilt
D-Cihuacoatl.jpg 5031120566 f38659d551 m.jpg D-Xolotl.jpg Chalmecacihuilt
Acolnahuacatl Chalmecatl x x
Acolnahuacatl [[Chalmecatl x x
Puma Jaguar Eagle Snake
Puma Jaguar Eagle Snake


The Alamond Deck is a transport deck within the realm of Alamond.

Deck of Realms[edit]

The Deck of Realms is a rare deck of cards granting access into locked or blocked primal realms. They were created by Oberon and Dworkin. Dworkin claims only 12 sets were made. (Making them a Named& Numbered item). He also added Avalon and Mandalay to the deck after Patternfall. They came in a Mithril case that had the room to hold 24 cards total. The case was invulnerable to damage and could be summoned to hand in need. The deck and case attune themselves to whoever they choose.

The only known active attuned deck belongs to Lord Macsen of Trasidy

King Oberon's Deck[edit]

This deck is the one that Oberon gave to his children when they walked the pattern. The origin of these decks in unclear, but almost certainly they were made by Dworkin and replicated by a function of the pattern. Every sibling had at least one set, most had a couple. They were prized possessions. A collection of them were in the Library but taking one was forbidden. Currently all of the Library Copies are under lock and key in the Museum area.

At the time of the Reign of Eric, the Interregnum, and Patternfall, a number of members of this deck were thought dead or unwilling to engage with felicity as evidenced by warm and unresponsive cards. {Unresponsive cards marked in italics} It's a common belief currently that Oberon blocked those trumps for reasons of his own. The remaining cards show the Nine Princes in Amber of Corwin's chronicles. In those chronicles he states he had 15 brothers, 6 dead{Osric, Finndo, Borlak, Elfwine, Delwin, Giovanni} and 6 sisters, 2 maybe 4 dead {Sand, Evelyn, and maybe Nina and Emilie}. In the end it turned out that none of these were dead andthey were certainly not the only children of Oberon.

1-Osric 2-Finndo 3-Benedict 4-Borlak 5-Elfwine 6-Eric 7-Corwin
8-Dierdre 9-Delwin 10-Sand 11-Caine 12-Gerard 13-Evelyn 14-Julian
15-Nina 16-Emilie 17-Bleys 18-Fiona 19-Llewalla 20-Brand 21-Flora
22-Giovanni 23-Random
1-Castle Amber 2-Thelusia 3-Diega 4-Ob 5-The Grove 6-The Harbor.