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Jeweled Road and the War of Balance


These are the card in the King Random's Deck. Family members were presented with functioning trump versions. Non-magical decks are widely available. King Random's Deck comes in two parts. Major Arcanum and Minor Arcanum.

The Major arcanum is further divided it to places and people. In the magical decks place cards open portals for transportation. The family cards represent the members of the House of Amber or the lineage of Dworkin Bariman.

Tthe Major Arcanum is good for Assassin's Gambit, Dangealri and Firs. It also has its uses for fortunetellers and real estate agents. The lower arcanum is a typical playing deck. Four suits numbered 1 or ace to King, passing through nine, ten, Page, Knight, & Queen on its way. There is no Joker in the deck. That was simply too good a jab to make at any one member of the royal family and despite voluminous advice on that matter Random thought it prudent not to single anyone out. For that I guess I do owe him a nod of gratitude. Aficionados of card games play either 52 card or 56 card Poker, Tonk, Canasta, Gin, Balru, or Hand's War.

Diners of Amber Place Trumps

Heirs and spares Royalty of Amber

Major Arcanum Place Trumps[edit]

1 The Lighthouse of Cabra 2 Castle Amber 3 Neal's Diner, New Velri City, Ruthar, United States of Antherica 4 Aglevar's Kitchen 5 Sea View Garden, Amber
6 The Oracle of Mandalay 7 Gutsedvem 8 Racsir Isle 9 The Tombs of Amber 10 Brolic's Tower-Dreana
11 Lou's Market, New Orleans, Earth 12 Braldig's Tinkery 13 Vine River 14 14. Wala Heights, Taxorami 15 15. Mandalay
16 16. Castle Arden 17 Adrian's Dramaturgy 18 Vale of Rocks 19 Phil's Diner 20 20. The Church of the Unicorn, Amber
21 Jeweled Road, Cantal, Diega 22 Halzir, Taxorami 23 The Berlin Train Station 24 Vale of Flowers 25 Big Tree
26 Braldu's Retreat 27 Oracle of Drisna 28 Calrabon, Eruth 29 Salisgir, Unari. 30 Fantalin, Thelusia
31 Augmentation to the Original 32 Ang Ri 33 Beleriand 34 Falri, Mandalay 35 Fane of Zila
36 Ganras Galleries, Vies 37 King's Retreat 38 Gerard's Hunting Lodge 39 Oracle of Night 40 Tower of Grief
41 Tir Mar Gala 42 Moondance Café 43 Rebma 44 Sardi's, New York, New York 45 The Gugenhiem, NY, NY
46 Footman's Garage. Los Angeles 47 Alrus, Begma 48 Church of the Serpent 49 Lighthouse of Hiemnal, Kashfra 50 The Garden
51 Vulsar Star Base 52 Jack Rabbit Slim's 53 Domain of the King 54 Milliways-The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. 55 St. Masvir of Arkens Links
56 The Stone of Skulls 57 Willie's Tavern 58 Camelot 59 Field of the Cloth of Gold 60 Twilight
61 Nu Yark, Nu Yark 62 Moins 63 Forever Gate 64 Paris 65 Vagalorat
66 Temple of Resolve 67 Tomb of the Ancestor's of Darkness 68 Rebmaras 69 Calmir 70 Callahan's Crosstime Saloon
71 Gilley's Club 72 The Newsstand. 73 King's Sandwich 74 La Bisalta 75 Mc Hood's Roadhouse
76 The Blighted Land 77 Hasik Station 78 Lisel’s Teahouse 79 Talosaril 80 Adzikis in Winter
81 Café Americana 82 Kizabat, Ancona 83 The Mall at Caladoon 84 Red Dog Tavern 85 Englewood Diner
86 Big Tanax 87 Tenochilan 88 Heroch's Cantina 89 Alda Cora Prima 90 Diega Raks
91 Alamond 92 Thule 93 Atlantis 94 Trasidy

Members of the House Bariman[edit]

Names in Bold" are in the family deck. Names in Italics are not in the deck. Yet.

Dworkin Bariman-First Generation in Amber

Children of Dworkin-Second Generation in Amber[edit]

Oberon Vincent Sultara

Children of Oberon-Third generation in Amber[edit]

Fleece Clymnea Av Reet Eater Hinarik
Vox Nalshik Osric Finndo Benedict
Orsolla Borelak Eric Corwin Evelyn
Deirdre Caine Jacques Josef Hanvir
Fiona Bleys Llewella Brand Nina
Emilie Julian Gerard Delwin Giovanni
Random Mirelle Sand Florimel Dalt
Elfwine Pierre Kundjiq Phillipe Hamilton
Evelar Evankala Kibar Coral

The Cousins: Fourth Generation in Amber[edit]

Tender Daughter of Fleece& Deirdre Banidoc Son of Benedict Doria Daughter of Benedict Maylon Daughter of Benedict Yalla Daughter of Benedict
Desri Daughter of Benedict Visaly Son of Benedict Rinaldo Son of Brand Truman Son of Gerard Carissa Daughter of Gerard
Robert Son of Caine Ghost Son of Deirdre & the Serpent of Chaos Geryon Son of Deirdre Nadine Daughter of Sand Carlos Son of Jacques
Rene Son of Corwin & Moire Merlin Son of Corwin & Dara Duncan Son of Julian Galvar Son of Oscric Fisk Son of Osric
Nicholas Son of Bleys Derek Son of Eric Vander Son of Eric Zachary Son of Florimel Elayne Daughter of Florimel
Lark Harooon Son of Caine Hiroaki Son of Borlak Vance Son of Delwin Emma Daughter of Fiona Marke Son of Fiona
GraceDaughter of Evelyn Red Cloud Son of Josef Martin Son of Random Warrick Son of Corwin Kenshin Son of Adrian
Arloxedra Son of Eric Sharpe Son of Sharpe Dashel Son of Finndo Andre Son of Adrian

Kinsman-Fifth Generation in Amber[edit]

Hirem Son of Jacques Gaolus-Breeder Daughter of Maylon Voya Daughter of Maylon Jade Daughter of Fisk

Sixth Generation in Amber[edit]

Falris-Breeder Daughter of Gaolus-Breeder Ganril-Breeder Daughter of Gaolus-Breeder Vek Son of Gaolus-Breeder
Dara Daughter of Voya Quin Son of Jade' Brigeete Daughter of {Unknown}

Seventh Generation in Amber[edit]

Gilva Daughter of Ganril-Breeder Reestfa Daughter of Ganril-Breeder Rhonda Daughter of Falris-Breeder Shaz Far Son of Falris-Breeder
Abelvi Son of Quin Merlin Son of Corwin & Dara Despil Son of Dara Jurt Son of Dara