Fantasy City Project: Mage District

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The Mage District was originally the Magii-gak ghetto. About 500 AF the Magii-gak faced blatant ethnic hatred based on their inherent magic talent. At the time they were the only humans capable of significant non-religious magic. They were accused of worshipping demons and their movements, residence in the city and economic rights restricted. They were forbidden to earn money in almost any trade (other than sewerage maintaince and usury. This intensified their reliance on magic as they were forbidden to earn money in almost any other way. Major magics being worked all in the same area caused unexpected and sometimes dangerous effects. During the period it was a ghetto an average of 12 people died or disappeared each year from these effects. Not all were actually harmed, some just went somewhere and eventually came back. Things like Echoes, Devourers and spontaineous meldings still occur with some frequency.

About 1500 AF the restrictions on Magii-gak were eased as more and more humans learned to use non-religious magic. In particular the Church of Kasdelosud started using non-religious magic to enhance the abilities of it's demon-fighters. The derogatory short form of Magii-gak "Mage" had come to mean both the neighbourhood they lived in and anyone who used magic that didn't come from the gods. The Magii-gak spread throughout the city but during periods of unrest or persecution many move back to the Mage district where there is safety in numbers.


The mage district is still the main (but not the only) area to get non-religious magic. Other services offered here are bodyguards and mercenaries with (claimed) ability to handle magical opponents, and servants who are prepared to accompany their masters into dangerous areas and cartography.

When hiring servants in this area it is important not to mistake their purchased courage for loyalty. The fact that they are prepared to make your breakfast in the middle of a cursed forest and travel with you over the edge of the world should not persuade you that they will not access to your letters for trivial amounts or lie straight to your face about how much supplies really costed. Do not assume they will commit crimes for pay either. But don't assume they wouldn't.

In general it is a middle class district, except for the southern part where you can hire aforementioned servants.


The area is about 50% human of which 70% is Magii-gak. The other 50% is about 15% elvish, 5% Dwarf, 20% Gnome and a smattering of miscellaneous races.