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Charlie :: Robot Bodyguard[edit]

Image Copyright © Reiko Murakami 2020

"Everyone's running from something. Everyone's got something to hide."[edit]


Physical d8

Mental d6

Social d10

Trained Skills[edit]

Fight d8

Fix d8

Focus d6

Influence d6

Know d6

  • Corporations d6
  • Alliance d6

Move d6

Notice d8

Operate d8

Perform d6

  • Etiquette d6

Treat d8

Trick d6

  • Poker Face d6

Untrained Skills[edit]

Craft d4
Drive d4
Fly d4
Labour d4
Shoot d4
Sneak d4
Survive d4
Throw d4


Simulacrum d8 "People ain't always what they seem. But some people ain't even people."

☑ Step Back: Roll d4 instead of d8 for 1 PP
☑ Made of Sterner Stuff: Step back a physical Complication by exposing your mechanical nature
☐ Never Forget: Create a Useful Memories d8 Asset. At the end of the scene, change it to a Painful Memories d8 Complication

Bodyguard d8 "My job is to keep you safe, not to keep you happy."

☑ Step Back: Roll d4 instead of d8 for 1 PP
☑ First Aid: Spend 1 PP to step back another character’s medical or injury-based Complication
☐ Get Down: Gain 1PP when you put yourself at risk to protect another

Former Companion d8 "I learned my lessons from the best teachers money could buy."

☑ Step Back: Roll d4 instead of d8 for 1 PP
☐ Old Habits Die Hard: Step up a Complication to double or step up Social for all Influence, Notice, and Perform rolls in a scene.
☐ Fiercely Independent: Gain 1 PP when you reject someone else’s plans to strike out on your own.

Signature Assets[edit]

Repair Kit d8 A stash of tools and spare parts, primarily intended for self-repair, but can be used for other jobs in a pinch


Silas Thorne was a very wealthy businessman, and that wealth bought him influence over everyone from politicians to mob bosses. It also made him paranoid; he saw close relationships as a threat to his position, and he knew all too well that the loyalty of anyone he bought would last only until someone else made a better offer. Lacking a single person he could truly trust, he had one made.

Trinity was a third-generation simulacrum created with the single purpose of protecting Silas' life. Oh, she had other functions; Silas decided that if he was going to be accompanied everywhere by a machine, it might as well be a decorative one who could serve drinks, entertain guests, manage his schedule. He had Trinity trained by the ever-discreet Companions' Guild, and little by little she grew more perceptive and better at passing for human. But still, the directive that drove her was to keep her owner safe.

She failed.

She did her best; even in a crowded city, she saw the distant gleam of the rifle before the shot was fired. But they knew enough to pack piercing rounds, and the bullet she threw herself in front of went clean through her and found its mark. Trinity never knew who hired the sniper, not for sure, but she has her suspicions. Silas landed some high-end military contracts, black-ops experimental gear, the kind of equipment that even the Alliance wouldn't admit to using. Once the deal was done and delivered, Silas was a loose end that knew too much.

Nobody had really planned for what would happen when Trinity's primary function became suddenly, traumatically obsolete. She wasn't programmed for fear or loss or panic, but nevertheless there it was. At worst, whoever killed Silas would come for her as well, another loose end to clear up. But even if they didn't, what then? She was never anything more than property. She'd be sold on as part of the estate, or returned to her makers. Her mind scrubbed clean, her body taken apart to make the fourth generation better.

For the first time, Trinity was free, and it terrified her. She fled the Core; Silas had plans in place for if he ever needed to go underground or relocate in a hurry. She ran, and it was a long time before she stopped.

She calls herself Charlie now, and she doesn't talk about her past much. Her hair is a different colour, but she doesn't look any older, unless you get close enough to see the pain behind her. You'd think she's just another person struggling to get by, scraping a living out on the Rim, but you'd be wrong.

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