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Garrett Waymire :: Sniper/Reader[edit]

Garrett Waymire 2.pngGarrett Waymire.png

"Never take a shot angry, 'cause you can't take it back."[edit]

Attributes d6Arrow03.png[edit]

|| Physical d8 || Mental d10 || Social d6 ||

Trained Skills d6Arrow03.png[edit]

Fight d6

Focus d8

Influence d6

Know d8

  • Tracking d6

Move d6

Notice d10

  • Sense Thoughts d6

Shoot d10

  • Rifles d6

Sneak d8

  • Evasion d6

Survive d8

Untrained Skills d4[edit]

Craft d4

Drive d4

Fix d4

Fly d4

Labor d4

Operate d4

Perform d4

Throw d4

Treat d4

Trick d4

Distinctions/SFX d8[edit]

Checked SFX are active.

One With the Shadows They won't see you coming, but you'll see them.

Check002.png Hinder: Sometimes your distinction works against you. Gain 1 plot point when you roll a D4a.png instead of a D8a.png
Check002.png Sniper: Spend 1 PP to enter a scene hidden and in a position to do some harm. Take or step up a Complication representing a tenuous or precarious position to create a Sniper Nest d8 Asset.
Got It in One: Spend 1 PP to roll your Focus and add it to your total.

Reader You know things you shouldn't. You don't know why.

Check002.png Hinder: Sometimes your distinction works against you. Gain 1 plot point when you roll a D4a.png instead of a D8a.png
Secrets, Secrets: When you are in the presence of someone who is trying to keep a secret, spend 1 PP to discover the secret with a Mental + Know Action. If your Action fails, create or step up a Paranoid Complication.
Check002.pngPsychic Flashes: Once per scene, spend 1 PP to create a d8 Complication on a Gamemaster character by blurting out a secret or negative fate.

On the Losing Side Odds like that just means you fight harder.

Check002.png Hinder: Sometimes your distinction works against you. Gain 1 plot point when you roll a D4a.png instead of a D8a.png
Check002.pngFightin' Type: Spend 1 PP to step up or double your Shoot or Fight when you’re outnumbered.
The Pain Don’t Matter: Spend 1 PP to ignore a Complication for one Action; step up the Complication after the roll.

Signature Assets d6Arrow03.png[edit]

Sniper Rifle d8 Keep your friends close and your enemies far away.
Dusted Weed Nug - Diceless asset - blocks folk from being read, or switches off talents if given to a reader


Like most on the Border, Garrett grew up with a gun in his hand. Critters were always a problem, and when it wasn't critters it was bandits, and when it wasn't bandits it was Alliance.

Garrett was happiest when he was hunting, had the patience for sitting around waiting and a knack for finding his targets. He wasn't good at much else, so when the recruiter came calling for the Browncoats he joined up. The army took those skills and honed them. Before long he was earning a reputation as a sniper, able to anticipate when targets were approaching and where, and take them out when they were barely in range.

And then it went wrong, as these things always do. What everyone assumed was good eyes and good instincts was actually latent reader talents and the war cracked them wide open.

Garrett doesn't remember what happened. He woke up in the hospital with no idea how he got there. Things were bad for a while, his mind too bruised to cope with the new input it was getting. He was still there when the war ended.

In that first mad scramble after the surrender he was evacuated along with the rest of the walking wounded. He was given into the care of Shepherd Morgan Chen who took Garrett to a monastery where he recovered some, his mind no longer bombarded by the fear and pain of the wounded.

Since then Garrett's taken to wandering, trying like many Browncoats to find a place in a 'verse that no longer seems to fit right.

Important Folk[edit]

Gramps - Garrett's so-far unnamed grandfather, who taught him to hunt and shoot, and the most important lesson of all - "never take a shot angry. You can't take it back". Killed in a hunting accident by an Alliance trophy hunter just as the war was starting, which prompted Garrett to join the Browncoats.

Katie - Garrett's spotter during the war. She was brought to the hospital while Garrett was there, burned over most of her body, and died of her injuries.

Morgan Chen - the Shepherd who took Garrett in after the evacuation, believing him to be suffering from PTSD. He taught Garrett techniques to calm himself and avoid being overwhelmed.