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Charlie :: Mechanical Mechanic[edit]

Image Copyright © Reiko Murakami 2020

"Everyone's running from something. Everyone's got something to hide."[edit]


Physical d8

Mental d10

Social d6

Trained Skills[edit]

Craft d10

Fix d10

  • Jury-Rig d6

Operate d8

  • Cortex d6

Trick d6

  • Poker Face d6

Know d10

  • Corporations d6

Notice d8

Fight d6

Move d6

Focus d8

Untrained Skills[edit]

Drive d4
Influence d4
Fly d4
Labour d4
Perform d4
Shoot d4
Sneak d4
Survive d4
Throw d4
Treat d4


Simulacrum d8 "People ain't always what they seem. But some people ain't even people."

☑ Step Back: Roll d4 instead of d8 for 1 PP
☑ Made of Sterner Stuff: Step back a physical Complication by exposing your mechanical nature
☑ Never Forget: Create a Useful Memories d8 Asset. At the end of the scene, change it to a Painful Memories d8 Complication

Ship's Mechanic d8 "Always had a knack for machines. What makes ‘em go tick, and what makes ‘em go boom."

☑ Step Back: Roll d4 instead of d8 for 1 PP
☑ Eidetic Memory: Once per scene, spend 1PP to roll your Know die and add it to your total
☐ Miracle Worker: Step back your Fix to a d4. If you succeed, gain a Big Damn Hero die equal to the skill’s normal value

Running From The Past d8 "I escaped from slavery. I lived through a massacre. I survived, and there’s those lookin' to correct that oversight."

☑ Step Back: Roll d4 instead of d8 for 1 PP
☐ Hunted: Gain 1PP whenever the forces pursuing you endanger your fellow crewmates
☐ Quick Thinking: When making a Trick roll to lie or bluff, spend 1PP to roll your Mental die instead of Social

Signature Assets[edit]

Repair Kit d8 A stash of tools and spare parts, primarily intended for self-repair, but can be used for other jobs in a pinch


Silas Thorne had a head for technology and an eye for business, but he didn’t much care for people and he certainly didn’t trust them. Despite his wealth, he knew all too well that the loyalty of anyone he bought would last only until someone else made a better offer. He’d always said that you could only rely on a thing if you built it yourself, and so that’s what he did.

Trinity was a third-generation simulacrum, created out of one of Thorne Industries’ lesser-known projects. She and a number of others like her were seeded throughout the company’s ranks, from a cleaner and a security guard right the way up to one of the members of the board. Trinity herself was an engineer. Most of the time the simulacra simply did their jobs, but they were also eyes and ears for Silas at every level of the corporation.

Unfortunately for Silas, while he was right to be paranoid, he underestimated both the ambitions and the capabilities of his rivals. One of the directors found out about the simulacra and arranged for Trinity to be seized and forcibly reprogrammed. They covered their tracks well enough, and Trinity knew nothing of it, just that there were gaps in her memory and encrypted sections in her programming. But the next time Trinity reported to Silas in private, the new orders took over and she blacked out. When she came back to herself, Silas was dead and his blood was on her hands.

In the chaos that followed, the board took control of Thorne Industries, and under the guise of a restructure all the simulacra were quietly decommissioned. All except Trinity herself. The tech who reprogrammed Trinity had neglected to consider what would happen once her new directive was completed, perhaps assuming she would revert to her previous obedience. Instead, her programming disrupted in spectacularly traumatic fashion, Trinity was free for the first time, and it terrified her.

Trinity wasn't programmed for fear or loss or panic, but nevertheless there it was. The identities of those who'd turned her into their assassin had been removed from her memory, but she knew she was still a loose end to be cleared up. And even if they didn't destroy her, she'd never been anything more than property. The most she could hope for was to be returned to her makers; her mind scrubbed clean and her body taken apart to make the fourth generation better.

She fled the Core; Silas had plans in place for if he ever needed to go underground or relocate in a hurry. She knew that her absence would be noticed, as soon as someone went over personnel records or started setting Silas’ estate in order. So she ran, and it was a long time before she stopped. Calling herself Charlie, she scraped a living out on the Rim as a ship mechanic.

She’d been on the Raven’s Eye for a few months when the Reavers came and her world got torn apart a second time. Heavily damaged in the assault, Charlie managed to rig an escape pod to fire herself off into the Black, blind and cold and unguided, hidden among the debris of dead ships.

Charlie doesn’t talk about her past much. You'd think she's just another person struggling to get by, with pain behind her and uncertainty ahead, but you'd be wrong. She’s not a person at all.

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