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Imelda Quetzal :: Gunslinger[edit]

ImeldaShoot.png ImeldaBar.png ImeldaWar.png
Gunslinging Dressed up Back in the War

Character Quote[edit]

Attributes d6Arrow03.png[edit]

|| Physical d10 || Mental d6 || Social d8 ||

Trained Skills d6Arrow03.png[edit]

Skill d8

  • Specialty d6

Drive d6

  • Horses d6

Fight d6

Focus d8

Influence d8

Labor d6

Move d8

  • Reflexes d6

Notice d8

Perform d10

Shoot d12

  • Close Quarters d6

Untrained Skills d4[edit]

| All others d4 |

Distinctions/SFX d8[edit]

Checked SFX are active.

Cowgirl - You've rode herd long enough that it's all second nature to you. Getting back in the saddle is just as easy as falling off a horse. Err, wait...

☑ SFX, Hinder: Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
☐ SFX, Saddle Up: Spend 1 PP to create a d8 Asset representing a trusty animal companion (most likely a horse).
☐ SFX, Rugged: Spend 1 PP to ignore a Complication for a die roll that includes one of your highlighted Skills.

I Aim to Misbehave - You tend to make trouble wherever you go, but you're too charming, pretty, or scary for people to hold you to account. Usually. Until you ain't.

☑ SFX, Hinder: Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
☑ SFX, I'm Your Huckleberry: When a Crewmember in the same scene as you acquires a Complication, you can divert it to yourself, step it up, and gain 1 PP.
☑ SFX, Eyes On Me: While you use your good looks, thrillin' heroics, or general excess of gumption to distract attention from your crew, spend 1 PP to give them a Distraction asset equal to your Performance die.

Gunslinger - Some folks can shoot off the burning tip of a man's cigar from 500 paces, clip the wing of a falcon in a full dive, or take aim just by hearing a target. Not you, not quite, but you're fast on the draw, faster to react, and your enemies don't have time to shoot back.

☑ SFX, Hinder: Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
☑ SFX, Quick Draw: The first time you set the stakes in a firefight, spend 1 PP to double Shoot. If your opponent raises the stakes, step back Shoot for the rest of the scene.
☐ SFX, Hail of Bullets: When you Take Out a GMC with a Shoot Action, take or step up a Complication to automatically Take Out another from the scene.

Signature Assets d6Arrow03.png[edit]

Paired Magnafire "Mule-Kicker" .44 Revolvers with Greenleaf Ironwood grips d8 Anyone who sees her two-fisting these hand cannons knows she means business.


Imelda grew up on a cattle ranch on Jiangyin, following in her parents' footsteps as a ranch hand driving herds across the steppes to new forage and eventually to market. She learned to shoot as a matter of frontier necessity, but soon discovered a real talent for it, both in competition and driving off raids from hill folk and cattle rustlers. Then the War came, and folks (particularly Independent agitators) kept telling her how much of a difference she could make, and she had to admit... The prospect of doin' some thrilling heroics did appeal.

Thrillin' heroics she... didn't, at first. With her competition skills and fine farmgirl looks, at first she got diverted from combat to recruiting, with propaganda channeling the Earth-that-Was revolutionary figure "La Adelita", but the Independents soon ran out of the luxury of being able to keep anyone out of the war, and she was sent off to Greenleaf among the commando units trying to break the stalemate on that world. When the Independents withdrew after intense but ultimately futile fighting, she was shipped off to Serenity Valley and did her part in that last, even more futile battle.

Since then she's been wandering, swinging between trying to quixotically be a knight-errant standing up for little folk and retreating into a haze of guns, girls, & gambling. A proper crew to latch onto might just be the thing to even her keel, though woe betide anyone who does wrong by her new friends...

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