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Magdelena "Maggie" Horner :: Wrangler[edit]

Maggie Horner.jpg

Hoo boy, we roped us a big 'un![edit]

Attributes d6Arrow03.png[edit]

|| Mental d6 || Physical d10 || Social d8 ||

Trained Skills d6Arrow03.png[edit]

Craft d8

Drive d10

  • Critters d6

Labor d8

Move d10

Perform d8

Shoot d6

Survive d6

Throw d10

Treat d6

Untrained Skills d4[edit]

| Fight d4 | Fix d4 | Fly d4 | Focus d4 | Influence d4 | Know d4 | Notice d4 | Operate d4 | Sneak d4 | Trick d4 |

Distinctions/SFX d8[edit]

Checked SFX are active.

We're All Just Animals - Instinct. Survival. Blood. Breath. We're more alike than different.

☑ SFX, Hinder: Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
☑ SFX, Dolittle: When you create an Asset based on interacting with an animal, step it up.
☐ SFX, Trust Your Instincts: Reroll all dice in a roll. Both 1s and 2s count for jinxes on the reroll.

'Till the Cows Come Home - You get the job done. No matter what needs doing or how long it takes.

☑ SFX, Hinder: Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
☐ SFX, Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat: Spend 1 PP to roll your Labor and add it to your total once per scene.
☐ SFX, Helping Hand: When you take the time to help out with hard labor and don’t ask for recompense, gain a Big Damn Hero Die equal to your Labor.

Eight Seconds - Back on Whitefall, you got yourself quite a name wrangling roughstock and impressing judges.

☑ SFX, Hinder: Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
☐ SFX, For the Crowd: If you have a Complication at a d10 or higher, you may add your Perform to any roll made to avoid being Taken Out.
☑ SFX, Hold Tight: When you hurtle into ill-advised action, replace your Drive or Move with a d4. If your roll is successful, gain a Big Damn Hero Die equal to the skill’s normal rating.

Signature Assets d6Arrow03.png[edit]

Shāshǒu d8 Colchester Shepherds are bred from Sihnon Wolfhounds and Londinium Mastiffs — you might mistake Shāshǒu for a horse at a short glance.

Rope. So Much Rope d8 Bare minimum you've got enough to hogtie a few rowdy folk. Come prepared and you can strap down a whole cargo hold.


Maggie's been a lot of things — ranch hand, rodeo star, veterinarian, ship's medic, dog trainer — but as much as she keeps alternating between jobs planetside and in the black, it's become clear her hat hook belongs on a ship. So when she gets that wave from Mel about a new job? She's there. As long as she can bring her new best friend.

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