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Mel :: Captain[edit]

Manuel “Mel” Krause.jpg


  • Physical [d6]
  • Mental [d8]
  • Social [d10]

Trained Skills[edit]

  • Fly [d8]
  • Focus [d6]
  • Influence [d10]
  • Know [d6] | Politics [d6]
  • Notice [d8]
  • Operate [d6]
  • Shoot [d8]
  • Survive [d10]
  • Trick [d8] | Smuggling [d6]

Untrained Skills [d4][edit]

  • Craft, Drive, Fight, Labor, Move, Perform, Sneak, Throw, Treat


Bolded Triggers are active.

Rancher [d8] -

  • Step Back - Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
  • Lay of the Land - Spend 1 PP to reveal a fact about the natural world you’re standing on—environmental conditions, weather, or animal life—as a d8 Asset.

Shady Business Man [d8] -

  • Step Back - Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
  • Fell Off a Truck: Step up a Complication involving the authorities to create a d8 Asset that was acquired from less than reputable sources.

Ship's Captain [d8] -

  • Step Back - Roll d4 Instead of d8 for 1 PP
  • Lead the Crew - When one of your crew directly follows one of your orders, spend 1 PP and give that Crewmember an Asset equal to your Influence die rating.

Signature Assets[edit]

  • Independent Ties [d8] Mel’s time involved in the Independents’ ad hoc government has given him extensive ties with former Independents who served in a variety of position in the resistance to the Alliance—and now find themselves in a variety of other positions in the aftermath of the Unification War.'
  • Sterling Reputation [d8] Mel has a reputation for honesty and generosity among those who know him or know of him. Other smugglers and the like are comfortable doing business with him because they know he will deal with them fairly. People are willing to help him out because they know he’ll help them out in return if they are ever in trouble.


Character concept: Ruined Independent businessman and politician
Role: Captain, Socialite
Home planet: Hera
Religion: Christian
Age: 40 years
Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
Weight: 200 lbs.
Appearance and Demeanor: Mel is a middle-aged man, somewhat heavy set, with black hair and a large black mustache. Despite having been the captain of a spaceship for some months now, he still dresses like he did when he was a wealthy a rancher, in jeans, with a nice shirt and coat, and with a cowboy hat sitting atop his head. Although he is a still a supporter of the Independent faction, he doesn’t where a Browncoat, which he thinks would be disrespectful to the actual veterans who served on the frontlines. His disposition is generally genial and easy-going, but he can be stern and commanding when he thinks conditions necessitate it.

Bio: Mel was born into a family of wealthy cattle ranchers on the planet Hera and inherited his family’s estate at the relatively young age of twenty-four, after his parents died in an accident. Mel ran the business as a benevolent patriarch--very much in charge, but open to ideas from his subordinates, and concerned with their well-being. Mel's father was also a preacher and his sister is one now--and maybe Mel should have been one too, the way he finds himself constantly drawn to helping other people. As a ranch owner, he’d often hire people others wouldn’t, such as former criminals or struggling addicts, if he thought they a stable job might help them straighten out their lives and become better people. He also was involved in a number of local philanthropies. When the Alliance announced their plan to unite the ’Verse, Mel did some research and didn’t like what he found. He got involved in politics and became a major financial backer of the Independents, as well as represented Hera in the Independent Faction’s rather ad hoc government. The upshot was that, when the Independents lost the war, Mel was financially ruined, as the Alliance confiscated his estate and most of his assets. With his remaining money, he bought a tramp freighter and got into the cargo-hauling business, trying to remain free of the Alliance by remaining on the move and having his own business. Seeing himself as an honest man, at first Mel tried to stay on the right side of the law, but found he couldn’t make ends meet that way. Slowly, he got involved in smuggling and illegal salvage operations. He justifies it to himself on the grounds that the Alliance government is illegitimate, so he has no obligation to obey their laws. He runs his ship the way he ran his ranch--as a benevolent patriarch, willing to give people that same second chance he is looking for.

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