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Signature Assets[edit]

Flares & Chaff: d8 When you can’t outrun pirates and the Alliance, not allowing ’em to lock onto your ship can be a mite useful. By releasin’ burning flares and metallic chaff you can spoof missiles and give yourself enough time to escape

Grapplers: d8 Most grapplers are large, magnetic clamps that are fired at a second spaceship with the intent to attack. Once secured, the clamp retracts and pulls the second ship closer to the first

Military Grade Vacsuits: d6 Reinforced against both physical and energy damage, these self sealing EVA suits boast extended air, feeding, water and waste tanks as well as automated first aid medical protocols. (Enough for crew, but not passengers).

☑ Saving Grace: Armor, it can save your life. When you would be taken out by physical damage, reduce your suit to a diceless asset rather than take a complication to stay in play.

Diceless Assets[edit]

Medsuite (Fully stocked, partially automated surgical theater)
Mule (GravLev overland cargo/personnel transport)
Shuttle (Independent Military Jump Shuttle) || Engines d6 || Hull d6 || Systems d6 ||
Standard EVA Suits (enough for crew and passengers)
Luxury Cabins (6) (for paying passengers and VIP guests)
Concealed Crew Armory (personal weapons armory)

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