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Scenario Overview[edit]

A group of individuals get drawn in to weird events happening in seaside New England in the 1920s.

Helpful Resources[edit]

Mechanical Game Information[edit]

Player Investigator HP Sanity Magic Points Insanities Notes
brahnamin William "Liam" Johnson 8 77 18
DannyK Archibald "Wink" Winkworth 12 60 12
Roger Gertrude Bradley 14 41/45 9
pstjmack John Perry 10 38 10
Regular Guy Vernon Weatherby 10/14 60/59 12
RuneMagus James Scott

Important Places[edit]

1920s MA Road Map.jpg

Please note: While we're using real place names, the game takes place in an ahistorical past. Any resemblance is coincidental and/or for convenience.


Nantucket Map.jpg

Upper Main Street Nantucket.jpg

  • Population = ~3,000
  • Primary businesses: Tourism, fishing

After Oar[edit]

After Arms.jpg

  • Technically now just a boarding house, thanks to Prohibition, it's still the best place on the island to get a pint.

Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard[edit]

Martha's Vineyard.jpg

Oak Bluffs Map.jpg

  • Population = ~1,000
  • Primary businesses: Tourism, fishing
  • Also known as "Cottage City" for its famous "gingerbread cottage" style houses

Important People[edit]

  • Sig Torvald, Nantucketer ne'er-do-well fisherman -- he bumped into Queer Island, lost SAN, and is now catatonic.

Investigative Leads[edit]


  • 22nd, Morning: Sig finds the cat-headed staff.
  • 22nd, Evening: Sig sells the cat-headed staff to Mr. L'Armon in Oak Bluffs.
  • 23rd, Morning: Mr. L'Armon and Pastor Silent meet in Oak Bluffs. The object given from the former to the latter is presumably the staff.
  • 23rd, Later: Pastor Silent's church burns and he reportedly dies there.
  • 23rd-24th: Sig on a bender in Boston and then Nantucket.
  • 25th: Investigation begins. Investigators first trip to island. Sig murdered at New Hospital in Oak Bluffs.
  • 26th: Today

People Potentially Involved[edit]

  • Sig Torvald (deceased; local ne'er do well fisherman who found the staff)
  • Mr. L'Armon (purchased the staff from Sig in Oak Bluffs; later gave it to Pastor Silent)
  • Pastor John Silent (deceased; pastor of small, odd church in Oak Bluffs; took staff from Mr. L'Armon)
  • Doctor Vickers (Sig's doctor at the New Hospital; saw something)

Those in bold have not been investigated.

Important Objects[edit]

  • Cat-headed staff (found by Sig near the Island)
  • Strange rock (same)
  • Strange kelp (same)
  • Burned-out church (Oak Bluffs)
  • Holy Way Hymnal (Gertie)

Those in bold have not been investigated.