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Overview of Pyros[edit]

Pyros is inner fire - the essence of magic and pyromantic force that exists within every living being. Ordinary everyday humans only have 3 points of Pyros, but the player characters are something more special.

Player characters have a starting Pyros of 6 points. This is also their Pyros maximum.

Powerful NPCs (such as trained Guild operatives, mages, enemy runners and the like) will likely also have 6 points of Pyros. Especially powerful creatures (high power demons, elementals and ancient sorcerors for example) may have even more.

A character's Pyros pool can't normally exceed its initial amount, though some equipment and some special arcane traits can circumvent this.

Examples of Pyros levels[edit]

  • Pyros 1: A pet or intelligent animal. The smallest and most transient of demons.
  • Pyros 2: A small child, or frail old man.
  • Pyros 3: An ordinary human being. A small and weak demon.
  • Pyros 6: A talented and dynamic human being, such as a charismatic gang leader, a veteran soldier, an obsessive magus, a rabble-rousing Burner or an anarchistic Blazer. A standard demon or elemental. Player characters all fall into this category, and any with Pyros 6 will seem to burn brighter in their lives and personalities than those around them. Pyros 6 is as high as humans can naturally get.
  • Pyros 9: A powerful demon or elemental, such as demonic shock troops. Likely to be several times larger than a human.
  • Pyros 12: A prince amongst demons, or an exceptionally powerful lone demon. Likely to be house-sized.
  • Pyros 18: Ancient and powerful demons, likely to be hundreds of feet tall and regarded more as forces of nature then ordinary entities.
  • Pyros 36+: Demonic god-entities, which exist in the reaches of the Elemental Plane of Fire. Likely to be city-sized, at the very least. Rare enough that the Church can plausibly deny their existence to the masses.

Using Pyros[edit]

Ordinary humans can't access their own Pyros - though Pyros lies within them they are unaware of its presence, and cannot direct or manipulate it in any way.

For Player Characters and priveleged NPCs, Pyros can be tapped into via either equipment or certain traits:

Via Equipment[edit]

Several pieces of equipment allow a character to spend Pyros to achieve various effects. These are described in the Technology and Weaponry chapter.

For the most part you want to be looking at Integrated Enhancements and Arcane Accoutrements, though there is also one piece of Armour which allows Pyros expenditure.

Via Traits[edit]

Some Traits allow a character to spend Pyros to achieve different effects.

Usually these are Arcane Traits.

Regaining Pyros[edit]

Pyros is fairly easy to replenish, though it takes a little time. Essentially, a character needs to be in the vicinity of fire and flame, or in direct sunlight, and needs to stay in that vicinity for a length of time.

  • Direct sunlight restores 1 Pyros for every six hours a character spends within it.
  • A candle-flame restores 1 Pyros for every six hours a character spends within three paces of it.
  • A hearth-fire or camp-fire restores 1 Pyros for every hour a character spends within ten paces of it.
  • A bonfire restores 1 Pyros for every ten minutes a character spends within thirty paces of it.
  • A burning building or similar large conflagration restores 1 Pyros for every minute a character spends within one hundred paces of it.
  • A burning town or other massive conflagration restores 1 Pyros for every few seconds (or one combat round) that a character spends within one thousand paces of it

The Arcane Traits section includes various tricks for speeding up or cirvumventing this recharge time.

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