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Sa'vor sits crosslegged meditating. his mind begins to wander the time stream. images flash before his vision.

The first is of a battle. armies of clash together in the flat plains. blood turns what was once golden to red. the hard packed earth curned into mud by the mailed boots of warriors. spells flash by over head and the smell of burnt flesh fills his nostrils. an image of Sa'vor appears, armour splatted with crimson blood, he stands over a corpse. the corpse is of Feal-Thas. and around that corpse hundreds of shattered human corpses lie. their empty eyes staring into the blood red sky.

Sa'vor delves further into the time stream. to see another battle, this time smaller. merely a street brawl. a small squad of enforcers attack six of the companions. Sa'vor is crouched behind a crate, a mind blade readied. Slip is not far away hiding behind a wall. Jarlot is busy batteling several of the enforces, his blade flashing in the light of the everbright lantens. Volrath lies behind another set of barrles, pulling a crossbow bolt from his chest. it is now that Sa'vor see's a familiar red headed woman lying in a pool of blood with several cross bow bolts in her throat. Lisa. Terra stands over her corpse, silver tears streaming down her face.

Sa'vor shudders, but continues onwards in his scan of the future. Sa'vor now see's a vision of himself. all alone. sitting on the swing, tears forming in the old mans eyes.

Sa'vor breaks from the visions. and shudders.

Sa'vor: so, this is what has to come to pass. the future is grim. but it is not my place to argue with the plan. i shall follow as i always have.

A figure in a trench coat and wide brimmed hat is sitting on the only swing, of and inner city playground. Despite years of age and grayed scales it is clear that the man is Sa’vor. He is lost deep in thought. Sa’vor: Everything happened just like that little punk said. An image of Volrath pops into his head. Volrath: Elf, dwarves, orcs, and all other humanoid races will be assimilated by humans. The image fades. Sa’vor: Yep, peacefully or not all races, not of human blood were brought to extinction. A memory, of human armies clashing with other humanoid armies, floats to the surface of Sa’vor’s mind. So desperate were the humanoids that they put aside all racial differences. Orc fought beside dwarf, gnome and kobold operated the same siege engines, halfling rode beside Valenar elf. Alas it was all in vane. Due to overwhelming numbers the humans still carried the day. The humanoid armies were defeated and their children slaughtered. Sa’vor: Next went the outsiders and the sealing of the planes. The forms of the numerous outsider crew members, including Naz’roth and Tara, fading away is seen through Sa’vor’s tear-filled eyes. Sa’vor: Well not all outsiders, the inspired and members of Xoriat stayed. With the loss of his extraplanar armies, there was nothing Kithle could do to stop them. The rise of the Aboleth Empire flashes into view. Sa’vor: Then magic became restricted to only the most powerful spellcasters. Images of airships falling out of the sky and Sharn’s towers crumbling and the last advantage humanity had over the aboleths disappears. Sa’vor: The Empire eventually fell of course, but by that time humans had forgotten about how things used to be. They were released from aboleth mind control as blank slates; still turned out bad. About then was the last time I saw any of them, wasn’t it void. Void is sitting on his shoulder, but now just looking like a normal crow. Void shows no sign of understanding him. Sa’vor: I remember like it was yesterday. The memory forms. Sa’vor, Nalfien, and Volrath are standing around a dark room. Sa’vor looks to be younger than he is now, but still older than his Forgotten Freedom days. Nalfien appears to be nothings more than skin stretched over a skeleton. Volrath appears to be in his mid twenties, and has lost most of his human like features to an inky blackness. Sa’vor: Is this really all that’s left, of the crew? Nalfien: I fear so. Unless the outsiders have survived where ever they went to. Volrath: (looking very depressed) Yes even Terra and P/Y/R are gone. Nalfien: We have nothing more to do here. If something important comes up you know how to contact us. Volrath: If not, see you all at the end of times. The vision fades. Sa’vor: Who would believe that I, Sa’vor, would long for companionship?

A little red headed girl pokes Sa'vor. little girl: Um, mister? Sa'vor: (awoken from his inner thoughts) Lisa? little girl: Mister could you please get off of the swing? My brother wants to get on. A little boy with thick glasses and an annoyed look on his face walks up. little boy: Get of the swing. It's for kids! The little girl smaskes her brother on the head, with a plastic shovel. little girl: Don't be rude! Sa'vor: Lisa, Ketler is that really you?  :weep: A woman sitting on a park bench not far away looks up. She looks almost exactly like Terra from her Forgotten Freedom days, though a bit younger. She stands up, with a very angry look on her face. woman: Get away from my kids you creep! Sa'vor: I was just- woman: I said get away! Sa'vor gets up and hurries off. Sa'vor: Were they really?

Nalfien is gazing, out a large office window. He sees Sa'vor walking down a back alley. Even from this distance it is clear that something weighs on the half-dragon's mind. A voice sound behind Nalfien. voice: Doctor Nalfien, please pay attention. Nalfien whirls around to see a man in a white jacket, sitting behind a desk. Nalfien: Of course, what were you saying Kanatash? man: For the last time! If you are going to use my middle name use it in my full name, Herbert Kanatash Phillips. Nalfien: Alright Doctor Phil. What were you saying? man: You'll be getting a new patient, Patricia Yeriel Radcliff. I believe she has schizophrenia. She continually talks about being in love, with an "angel". She is in solitary confinement in cell block D. Nalfien: Delusions of an imaginary lover are hardly reason to be locked in a little rubber room. Why is she here? man: She had an abusive boyfriend. Last week he was found cut in half, at the waist. Numerous puncture wounds covered both pieces. Nalfien: Was a murder weapon ever found? man: No that's the wierd part. She wouldn't say anything about the day of the murder. Nalfien: I'll be off then. As he walks out of the office Nalfien ponders the question that had been plaguing him for years. Had his old friends been brought back to live. If so, why couldn't they remember him? They were similar in more than just appearance. They seemed to be duplicated in everyway possible, except for their experiences. Kanatash had never traveled to Xoriat, and because of that never when insane. He still enjoyed studying insanity. After all he did head a mental hospital. He still seem to be very active with Caralot. They did have twelve children. He pondered if the same thing would have happened to him, had he died. A voice seems to drift into Nalfiens head. It isn't speaking any language Nalfien ever learned, yet he is able to understand it perfectly. voice: Of course not. You would go strait to Hell. Nalfien: Who you? voice: An old friend. In answer to your other question, yes they are the same people. Nalfein: Then why don't they remeber? voice: When a person dies their soul is judged. If it is seen as unfit for an after life, it is held in stasis until all memories of its old lives drain away, into the subconsious. Then they are sent back to the material plane. Nalfien: Kanatash wasn't bad enough for Hell or the Abyss? voice: Oh he is. He however is the property of the elder gods. They would never allow one of theirs to be taken away. When the End of Times comes he will remember and he will preform his duty. The voice then drifts away, leaving Nalfien to ponder what it said.

Nalfien is sitting in his appartment, channel surfing. Nalfien: You never realize how good sleep is until you lose it, or figure out how boring late night T.V. is. He flips through various channel until he comes to a commercial for Kithlemin's campaign for president. Nalfien: Guess the illithid empire is coming soon. Funny, never thought one of Kithle's descendants would make his first conquest in a democratic election. As he finishes that thought, the phone rings. Nalfien: (picks up phone) Hello? All he can hear is sobbing on the other end of the phone. Looking at the caller I.D. Nalfien knows that the call came from the hospital. He mutters an incantation which teleports him there. Nalfien sees Kanatash huddled under his desk. The telephone receiver is dangling beside him. Kanatash: It's just so horrible...she...(breaks down into sobs) Nalfien begins searching the hospital. He finds the door to Patricia's cell off its hinges, atop a crunched security guard. Another guard is pinned to the wall, by the gun barrel protruding from his throat. A wide bloody path leads out of the building. Nalfien follows this path to a nearby warehouse. Inside is Patricia, crying tears of relief. Gently carassing her is a mass of inky tentacles.

Satnak, Levy, Terra, and Lisa are seated in the biscuts and gravy place.

Lisa: What's with all the guys in fake beards and spikey helmets?

Terra: (looking at the menu) Do they serve anything here without six servings of spam?

Levy: Why? What's wrong with spam?

Terra: Druid.

Levy: Oh, vegetarian. Don't worry, I'll have your spam. I love it! I'm having Spam, Spam, Biscuts, Spam, Baked Beans, Spam , Gravy, Spam, Spam, and Spam!

Viking Guys: (singing softly) [SIZE=1]Spam, spam, spam, spam...[/SIZE]

Waitress: Ready to order, dears?

Satnak: I'll have the Spam, Eggs, Spam, Spam, Bacon, Biscuts, Gravy, and Spam.

Viking Guys: (getting very loud suddenly) [SIZE=5]Spamdy Spam! Wonderful Spam! Spa-[/SIZE]

Cook: (banging on a pan) SHUT UP!!! SHUT UP!!!!

Waitress: Sorry about that. And you miss?

Lisa: I'll just have the Biscuts, Spam, Gravy, Spam, and Spam.

Viking Guys: (softly again) [SIZE=1]Spam, spam, spam, spam...[/SIZE]

Terra: Can I get the Biscuts and Gravy without the Spam?

Waitress: (shocked) No Spam! Blegh!

Viking Guys: (getting louder) Spam, spam, spam, spam...

Terra: What do you mean "blegh"? I don't like Spam!

Viking Guys: [SIZE=6]Spamdy Spam![/SIZE] [SIZE=1]Spamdy Spam.[/SIZE] [SIZE=6]Spamdy Spam![/SIZE] [SIZE=1]Spamdy Spam.[/SIZE] [SIZE=6]Spam! Spam! Spam! Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmm!!!!!![/SIZE]

Levy - Wonder if these guys would be interested in a change of venue? this much zaniness its a shame not to have it on your ship.

Satnak - I don't think thats a good idea, we shouldn't get greedy, and if there's any place more zany deprived than the mournlands its FLame keep. Its like stealing from a begger.

Levy - Ah, no challenge and it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Lisa - Should I be Insulted by that zany deprived crack?

Levy - Huh?

Satnak - She's from around here.

Levy - Oh my it really is alot more different than I expected. I guess the lack of posters with Forbes listed as public enemy number one should have been a tip off.

Satnak - Uhg

Terra - I have to hear this story  :D .

Levy - Well did your Flame ever have a shapehifter purge?

Lisa - Why must everyone bring that up it was generations ago dammit.

Satnak - Not in our corner of space-time.

Levy - Forbes is a Legendary Horrid Were-Python. As the most powerful known shapeshifter he was put up as the scape goat for everything that was wrong with the world. His status as an outlaw and an unaffiliated psychic made it easier. The maddening part is He was infected on a mission on behalf of the church tracking down the Lycan who had kidnapped the pontiff's daughter. He was about 13 at the time. I was what 12. The outragous part was when the little bint turned and outed him in front of the entire gorram country. Gah I knew my cousin was a brat but that earned her a swift kick in the head. When things died down a few years later, I was about 16, I tried to go back and make peace, but by then everyone had been possessed or something similar by Celestials. When they tried to do the same to me well...

Satnak - Calm down, breathe in, ... and out.

(after Levy has calmed down)

Lisa: That reminds me, Satnak. Earlier, you mentioned something about a Shining Flame. Is that your world's version of the Silver Flame? What's different? Before the Celestials, I mean.

Terra: I'm still stuck on that little 'cousin' remark...

Levy - Haven't been here long enough to get all the details, but less Cuoatls, more archons. Lotta monks and ardents, less exorcising. Real hating on the shapeshifters, anything with inborn transmutive ability, access to info on shapechanging techniques intensly restricted and monitered. Only celestialy marked members were even allowed to use those kinds of techniques. Total dictatorship by fanatics, Pontiff named successor, and failing that they would start jumping in the shining flame starting from the top ranked until someone survived a whole minute. Anyone with a sense of humor got the cold shoulder.

Satnak - That and Tirra mirron was a Scholar-Knight.

Terra: So I can safely assume there weren't many Druids there.

Levy: Pretty much. Even low level ones were considered threats because of their shapechanging abilities. That, and the Shining Flame wasn't too keen on having a bunch of "dirty hippies" wandering around.

Terra: No respect for my art...

Levy - If you want druids, you gotta go to the Frost Fell. The Dwarven Fleets never set sail without a Stormcaller and a Deepmage on each ship.

Satnak - A druid of your power, you'd make commodore and have a minor land title inside of 5 years, 7 if you didn't have any dwarf-friends to vouch for you.

Terra - Huh?

Lisa - You?

Satnak - heh heh yeah I kinda snuck off one time when we were visiting as part of a field, trip and...

Levy - She drunk a few families under the table, and while still drunk scared off a whole fligh of Ramapaging White dragons with I'm told a truly horrific rendition of "Row your boat".

Levy, Lisa, and Terra - Hahahaha

Satnak -  :blush: Heh..

Ketler falls out of a closest near the girls' table, holding an image crystal. Ketler: AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! :eek: Ketler runs off screen. Micheal then walks out of a different closet. Micheal (speaking into a sending stone infront of his mouth): Ketler I'm not getting any feed. (looks at the dropped image crystal, then up at the girls) Oh. Cut to comercial break

Lisa: What is it with those two? It's not like they can get anything more incriminating than... :blush:

Terra:  :blush: Once again, that was my bad.

Levy: What are you talking about?

Satnak: Oh, yeah. I haven't told you about that part...

Levy - Told me about what part? :confused:

Lisa - Well Terra accidently forgot to put up some anti-scry shields, when we used My room and ketler now has an image crystal with us in some pretty intimate positions.

Terra - Impossible's more like it, I didn't know you could bend that way, and in armor no less.

Lisa - :blush:

Levy - HUh? what are you talking about?

Terra - We were ****ing each other's brains out.

Lisa - :blush:

Levy - So you two are a couple? I always wondered what that was like.

Satnak -  :eek:  :devil:  :cloud9:  :love: You have?

Levy - Yeah the way I was raised you did the guy(s) the archon in the geneaology department said, had a kid or two by each and your back in the fight by the time you're 25. Choice or lifesharing never entered the equation. My assignments tended to have "accidents" or get "ambushed" by "hobos". I guess I would have been caught eventually if I hadn't run off with Forbes.

Satnak -  :(

Terra: (in her head) Damn. This'll be harder for her than I thought. And only a week to work with. At least she's not averse to it...

Jarlot approaches Jaela's door. After that whole Kantash Show incident he's tried to accept his daughter's choice for partner, and he's come to try and make peace.

He opens the door a bit.

Jaela: GET OUT!

He hears the sounds of a bed creaking. Timbers are being strained to their breaking point.

Jarlot closes the door.

13 keeps up the bed creaking until Jarlot moves out of half-elf hearing range.

13: So how long are we going to have to keep this up?

Jaela sighs and looks up from the papers scattered across her desk. The wal above is rotatable, and the side currently facing in is plastered with photos of various people and creatures in outlandish costumes.

Jaela: I want to tell them the truth, I really do. But I can't risk getting them involved.

13: Hello! This is the Forgotten Freedom! The only thing bad that ever happens to them happens when they're not fighting some super-villain. I think you're just embarassed.

Jaela: :embarrass Why would I be embarassed?

13: Well, you dress up in—

Just then the candle on Jaela's desk flares on with a silver flame. Jaela sticks her finger in it.

Jaeal: Yes……oh, dear………I understand, we'll be right there, Watchmaster.

13 opens a secret door in the wall an they both jump into the pit within.

Meanwhile, outside the diner where Satnak and her companions are:

Generic voice: Some's stolen all pontif hats from the Sacred Museum of Silver Flame History!

Gossip voice: They say all the guards had funny expressions on their faces and funny hats on their heads.

Pointing-out voice: Look, up there, swinging between the buildings.

Obvious cliché person: It's Batman and Bat Hound.

Batman: Say, what are we swinging from? This is a semi-medievil city. There aren't any tall—

Bat Hound: Do you want to die from a puff of logic?

Satnak: Hey, you two. Something I just noticed.

Terra & Lisa: Yeah?

Satnak: Those rings you both have on aren't magical.

Terra & Lisa: *giggle* :blush:  :cloud9:

Satnak:  :eek:  :shocked:  :OMG! You didn't!

Lisa:  :D Not yet. These are engagement rings.

Levy:  :blink: When, where, and how?

Terra: I proposed during our little date on the Plane of Shadow. Of course, I blocked out the scryers at that time. We may tell you how later...

Lisa:  :cloud9: I don't know how I could have possibly refused...

Satnak:  :( That's not fair! Have a date set yet?

Terra: Still too much to do. We'll let you know, though.

Kithle - It might not be dragon's place to argue, its probably not mine, but that never stopped me before.

Satnak - (i.h.h. I better find out now whether or not Forbes has gotten any farther along) Well, Forbes seemed pretty interested in you that way.

Levy - Yeah well I've been so worried about you that hasn't progressed much. To tell the truth he's a great person, but I don't know how toreact to him or even if I have the same feelings. My emotional reaction to him has always been a warm one, but it hasn't changed since we first met. We kissed once, right before you vanished, it was dissapointing. He backed off after that. We are still friends though. Not much can ruin a friendship that destroyed a world. I'm worried, maybe being raised the way I did broke something I need to form the kind of partnership he wanted, the kind you 2 have.

Satnak - Levy please, don't worry your the Dreadnaught of Heaven's Tears, you can do anything. If you can't then "Wrack Attack" Satnak will get you back on your feet until you do.

Levy - Weren't you paying attention to Rixle and Telfon, your not "Wrack Attack" anymore. Your're now Officially the Breaker Prime.

Lisa - Wait she's a "the"?

Terra - Yeah this sounds important.

Levy - It is one of the reasons I dragged Rixle and Telfon along is so we'd have witnesses to the ceremony. Satnak is getting her face marked as a full graduate, and unlimited acess to restricted info. It's mostly a formality, but normaly you have to fill out miles of paper work to access even one entry out of that section. The title also means she is recognized as the most deadly student of the breaker style. I'm so proud of you Satnak.

Satnak -  :love:  :bounce:  :cloud9:

LIsa - A whole school of people who are learning to fight like Satnak.  :eek:

Terra - ...

Deep in the underbelley of the FF…

Jaela (rasping whisper): Get it off me!

13 (whisper): You try dealing with tights over a muscle suit—sh*t, someone's coming! It's Kantash!

Jaela: Um…quick do something horribly kinky!

13: You're the one who's good at that.

Kantash floats through a wall and looks around. For some reason he hasn't noticed Jaela and 13.

Kantash: Hello. Who's here? Why can I sense you but not read your—gah!  :gah: Mental ima—

He looks back at Jaela and 13. He notices the dark capes, the cowls, the tights, the muscle suit, the logos with the flying rodent of the night.

Kantash (pointing at Jaela): You're—you're—

13: No, no, no, I can't block your mind…


Terra: So, what's this 'restricted info'? I heard a little about it before Illis showed up.

Levy: Well, I can't tell you anything specific.

Terra: You don't have to. A general idea would more than suffice. I just like to know what my comrades are capable of.

Satnak - I don't technically know anything about it, I don't have clearance see, so I'm allowed to ... "speculate" ... all I want. From what I have gathered it contains a couple of major categories. First there's the top secret type stuff, weapons schema, real names, cloak and dagger spy stuff from all over the world. The look on the darklanterns faces if they ever figured it out would be priceless. Then theres a constantly updating map of where our safehouses are, they tend to move, gotta keep entering a complicated password that keeps altering to keep it accurate though. Lets see access to the really nasty pieces in the armory. Finally, theres the forbidden section where all the powers, melds, techiniques, and such that considered crimes against the cosmos are detailed.

Lisa - How do you know all this?

Levy - She's a hellion, she was hacking into people's accounts on her first week on the Island. Thats how she got fluffy.

Terra - This again. Whats the story Satnak?

Kanatash is sitting with his day planner while nursing head wounds from Jarlot Sr.'s attack with the baseball bat.

To Do 1) eliminate hippie alternate. 2) figure out how Jarlot Sr was able to hit my incorperal body with a non-magical baseball bat. 3) eliminate Jarlot Sr.

He pauses for a moment and an evil smile suddenly spreads across his face. He erases his list and replaces it with a single new item.

1) Intorduce Hippy alternate to Jarlot Sr.

Kanatash: Hmm, I should probably look into alternate methods of dealing with both of them if this doesn't work. (sigh) After all something always goes wrong it seems and I end up in pain.

Volrath and Nalfein are standing around a Pool of Scrying in Volrath's room.

Volrath: I've finally found a way to track him.

Nalfein: Ooook...

Volrath: Remember that dagger I hit him with? Well, it's still in him, and I'm able to track that.

Nalfein: Why hasn't he pulled it out?

Volrath: That dagger is alive, and probably about halfway to his liver by now.  :devil:

The image in the pool begins to clear. The image of a massive Fire Giant appears. Dark flames eminate from it, it's eyes are completely black. An aura of great and terrible power eminates from it.

Nalfein:  :eek: I think were gonna need some help with this...

Nalfein and Volrath stand before Muradin, Steve, Cuddles, Johnny and Squinty.

Nalfein: Why are Squinty and Johnny here? They're just as likely to kill us as help us!

Volrath: Well, Squinty keeps following me, and Johnny won't leave.

Johnny: (drooling) Johnny is helping!

Nalfein: Well, I think I found something helpful in one of my pockets when I did my laundry this year...

Volrath: Ew. So that's what the smell was...

Nalfein:  :mad: I have more important things to worry about than hygene. Here you go, Muradin.

Nalfein tosses him a hammer.

Volrath:  :eek: How did you get the freaking Hammer of Thunderbolt!

Muradin:  :lightbulb  :dancin: Muradin Smash!!!

Muradin throws the hammer into the ceiling, leaving a big hole. (the Hammer of Thunderbolt returns to the hands of it's thrower)

Ketler: (looking down) HEY!

Nalfein: I'm not sure, but I think it fell into my pocket from one of those books that hit me when I found the portal to Greyhawk.

Volrath: Do you have any idea how unlikely that is?

Nalfein: No. It's a good thing no one told me. :P

Volrath: Whatever. Do you think we need more help?

Nalfein: With two of The Three coming with us, yes.

Silver: Hey, Terra and Lisa are getting married!

Crow: Don't say it!

Silver: Say what?

Crow: I'm heading you off. I know what you gods of fecundity are like.

Silver: I was just going to wonder if we're invited. But I guess as beings from beyond non-existance we're intitled to crash any wedding we want. Fertility gods always get welcomed.

Crow: (pause) I seriously should have seen that one coming. But I have to say, as a god of death, I know these things. Don't you think that there are several people involved in this affair who would tear us to pieces if we came uninvited, or at least unannounced?

Silver: Point, point.

Crow: And you told me you put Jaela and 13 together.

Silver: I lied. :devil:

Crow: Since when does your type of god lie?

Silver: Unintended pregnancies, affairs, sexual kinks, etc. You're not the only one who creates secret religious cults dedicated to having fun. Deaths just attract attention. You create hauntings and necromancy and all sorts of things that you hide away. These are mine. I mean, who did you think created Caralot?

Crow: :eek: So THAT'S what you were doing all those years!

Silver: I don't really have time to think all those combinations by myself.

Crow: I just have one thing to say.

Silver: Go ahead.

Crow: One especially important thing that absolutely has to be said.

Silver: I'm listening.

Crow: That…

Silver: Go on.

Crow: …is some of the…

Silver: Yeah, yeah.

Crow: …best work I've ever seen. Can she do undead?

Silver: Half-vampires again.

Crow: No, this time I was thinking d'Vol (rest of post deleted due to reasons which I'm sure you can imagine on your own and thus I win the award for the most insideous way of causing insanity in people :devil:)

Silver and Crow—together they made necrophillia!

Levy - Well I was taking here to the park when we saw a couple of guys sparring. I thought it would be a good idea for her to watch and learn. One of them had access to some restricted weapons, likely from being in on their creation, well we saw them go at it. Nothing much, but both displayed excellent use weapons abilities. Later we stumbled across a group of youngsters, Rixle was helping his mother with babysitting Illis and a few of his friends, Satnak wanted to talk to Rixle, something about ears. I talked to Rixle's mum for a bit to make sure it was alright, and went to grab some drinks and Ice cream for everyone. Apperently while I was gone they found a kitten in a tree. Satnak started using out her call stone, but since she wasn't very experienced with it yet it took a while. Illis started climbing up the tree with Rixle's mum screaming bloody murder for him to get down, Rixle had his hands full trying to keep the others from following, so no one was stopping Satnak from using someone else's login. She grabbed an axe of the list and made the call, took her a while to get used to the weight of a full great axe, but she only need one good swing. Down the tree goes, Illis gets thrown out with the kitten digging into his back. He lands right at Satnak's feet and the kitten hides in her hair. When I get back Satnak is holding the Graziel axe up like a standard in one hand, frogmarching Illis around the fallen tree screaming victory every 5 seconds, and each time the cat lets out a little acid jet. Rixle's mum is alternating between Relief, anger, and laughter. I guess Satnak has always had a talent for insanity.

Satnak - :blush: ...

Jarlot Sr.: Hey son, do you remember when I used to take you down to the Beach?

Jarlot: Kill me now, oh merciful Dol Dorn...

Jarlot Sr.: And you used to throw swords at the swimmers? Talk about funny! You were so cute when you did that... Now if only you'd do that to the midgets...

Jarlot: They're not "midgets"! They're "talentans", "midgets" is ridiculously politically incorrrect.

Kanatash: Ah, dear sir, I have someone you should meet...

Jarlot Sr.: Are you a schizo?

Jarlot: Kanatash, you not only have my permission to kill him, you can use anything that comes to mind as a method of murder. Provided it doesn't destroy the ship.

Jarlot Sr.: That's m'boy! Thinking about women and children first.

Kanatash: Alright here he-

Jarlot Sr.: Are you a hippy? I hate hippies.

Kanatash: Good, cuz I'm the ultimate anti-hippy. But anyway here he is...

[B]Hippy Kanatash:[B] Dude, I think my bongwater is like totally leaking.

Dunh, Dunh, Dunh...

Hoping to improve their odds, Nalfein and Volrath are asking around to see if anyone wants to come along...

Kithle: Why should I help you?

Nalfein: He's a world destroying menace!

Kithle: And this is

Nalfein: He's got a big, juicy brain!

Kithle: I saw the scying image. I've already got anything he has to offer.

Nalfein: C'mon, please!

Kithle: I might have considered it, but there seems to be a high likelyhood that you will die from this. So, no.

Nalfein:  :(

Sa'vor: I have too much to prepare for to deal with a family feud.

Volrath: But-

Sa'vor: No.

Nalfein: Ple-

Sa'vor: No.

Nalfein:  :mad:

Kanatash: Dealing with my alternate and the psychotic old man are my first priorities.

Volrath: C'mon, Uncle Kanatash. It'll be fun!

Kanatash: Much as I hate to disappoint you, nephew, no.

Nalfein: PLEEEEASE! :bigeyes:

Kanatash:  :devil: With any luck, he'll get you out of my hair, too.

Nalfein:  :weep:

Pholly: Can I come with you?

Volrath:  :confused:

Nalfein: Seriously?

Pholly: Yeah. I've been ignored lately. I need something to do.

Volrath: Well, the guy we're going after is a demon of fire, so I don't see how-

Pholly: Oh, I've got just the thing.

Pholly pulls out a vial from a pouch that is full of a blue liquid. A Redshirt comes down the hall at this time. He chucks it at him, and it explodes on contact. When the smoke clears, the redshirt is encased in ice.

Nalfein: DUDE!

Pholly:  :D Alchemist's Frost.

Volrath: You mean you made something that actually functions as intended?

Pholly: Shut up.

NJ26 - He was trying to make alchemist spark and got his final reagents mixed up.

Pholly - Dammit!! They didn't need to know that!

NJ26 - I know but the idea that you did something right that didn't blow up in your face was a hole in reality.

Pholly -  :mad:

Nalfien - Sadly that makes the most sense.

Volrath - Thats a relief.

Satnak - Well I think We're done here.

Levy - I'm good.

Lisa - Finished.

Terra - Yeah.

As they get up to leave.

Levy - What about the bill?

Satnak - Well between Lisa's um... notoriety, my reputation, and the fact that these guys aren't getting pillaged today, we are covered.

Levy - Oh right, Pirate.

As the group exits the building they see the area in an upheaval as the crew goes to town.

Kithle sits upon a throne made of stone, borne on the backs of several huge Half dragons raining down mayhem on the populace.

Kithle - Lets see, I think you would look better in blue *polymorphed*. You dance *otto'd*. You stand on your head *intimidated*.

Andrea - Ok now the shiny stuff goes in the hold, and the squishy stuffy goes over there.

Jarlot Sr. - Come back you damned dirty hippie!!

Hippy K - like peace man

From a window ledge.

Fluffy - Meow ( drops potted plant on Jarlot SR. )

Jarlot Sr. - OW (conks out)

Fluffy - Meow ( Drops a potted plant at Hippy K )

Hippy K - aAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH wait I'm like ghostly and stuff.

Fluffy - (smirks)

Hippy K -  :confused: huh ....... (in a low voice) DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE not cool you made me drop the bong, and it like shattered.

Fluffy - Meow (I'm a cat)

Satnak hears a wierd voice in her head, it is clearly recognizable as Volrath. Volrath: Are you ever going to get the courage to tell her or what? Satnak: Well I... Volrath: There need to be a party. Both of you need to be totally smashed. That way you'll be able to sum up the courage, and if she gets freaked out you can just pass it of as a crazy thing you did while drunk. Satnak: No way, I know what you do to drunk girls. Volrath: I'll get something that will affect even me. You have my word. I will not be capable of thinking clearly. Besides Nalfien need something to boost his resolve, about going to fight that one guy.

Satnak - (Volrath If I thought that would work I would be chugging down the entire booze locker. Levy doesn't get drunk)

Volrath - (I'm sure I could come up with something.....)

Satnak - (No you idiot. She's a Berzerker of Apocolyptic power, she will never allow herself to get drunk. Frankly thats the dumbest Idea you've ever had including the times you've crossed Kithle.)

Volrath - (I could slip her...)

Satnak - (Bloody Mol you moron, even if you slip her something without her noticing !!!UNLIKELY!!! She'd likely blow us all to oblivion. Hell your lucky she's relaxed now, or she would have caught us, now go away.)

Levy - Who are you pathing?

Satnak - Just some Idiot who doesn't understand the term "Off the clock". (i.h.h. he's right though i just need to say it, Bloody mol I can stare down Forbes the Serpent of Forbidden Wrath, but I can't just tell her How I feel.)

(the following is between Volrath and Terra telepathically)

Terra: Must you butt in?

Volrath: I'm just trying to help!

Terra: She'll tell her when she's good and ready. You should know that. You just wanted an excuse to throw a party, didn't you? :smirk:

Volrath: No! Well...uh...yeah, actually.

Terra: Why not make it a party congratulating Satnak on her Graduation? She gets to spend time with Levy having fun, and maybe tell her on her own, Nalfein gets his courage, and you have an excuse to do overly crazy things in public. More than usual.

Volrath: That's actually not a bad idea... :plotting:

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