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Swashbuckler 8/Duelist 6/ Insult Master 2

Human- Chaotic Good

This strange pirate from a distant land is somewhat enigmatic. He likes grog, fine leather jackets, and holy water as it can harm "Ghosts, zombies, and Infernals at once." Wielding a rapier as sharp as his wit, this blond man with a newly restored beard has buisness with the crew, and he can't wait.

It is suspected that the reason this mighty pirate is against the crew is because one particularly drunken crewman stole a prized artifact one night in Sharn; the Pants of the Adventurer. Though they looked like stylish pirate-y pants, they had a demiplane of their own, with nigh-unlimited holding space for both useful and useless items. The theft of the pants infuriated the Pirate, and he swore revenge.

Among the items found in the pants were numerous Rubber Chickens, all with pulleys in the middle, a makeshift monkeywrench that is really a monkey, a "Swiss army knife" which is just a very small warforged rogue painted red, treasure maps refering to something called "Big Whoop", and a bottle labled "Anti-Ghost Root Beer". Upon sampling of the last item, however, it turned out to lack the essential part of beer, and is kept in the store room somewhere.

This pirate is one of the most cunning foes of the Freedom, able to puzzle his way out of the most impossible situations, and able to swing sword and insult like the best of them.

Rumors circulate that this goes back further and that Jarlot and this Pirate have a history; before the pants incident, the captain was skywriting above Sharn: How apropriate, you fight like a cow.

Who this is and his true motives are still unknown, but a clue has been found; a t-shirt saying "I escaped from Monkey Island and all I got was this lousy shirt."

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