Forgotten Realms (The Time of Troubles)

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This is the main page for Forgotten Realms (The Time of Troubles) a Godbound game GMed by Numanoid.


Kossuth, played by Enigmatic One

Leira, played by Shining Lotus Sage

Mielikki, played by Kreenwarrior

Moradin, played by Apostlyte

Sethlans, played by t@nya

Tyr, god of paladins, played by Nepene

Dominion and Influence[edit]

1 shard (4 Dominion) to Moradin's shocktroops

2 shards (8 Dominion) spent on mechanical troops constructed by Sethlans

2 Dominion for paladins (Sethlans)

4 Influence spent on fleet of warships crewed by mechanical troops.

5 Influence spent on demoralizing Muholland forces (Kossuth)


Guo-Radha, Zulkir of Divination of the Red Wizards of Thay, and all over evil doer. Slew Tyr, the God of Justice, and currently holds his power.

Brrin, Shaman of the Mountain Tribe of the Nar

M. Corbulo. Mysterious spymaster with a familiar, to Sethlans, voice. Connected to the Zhents and is part of a plot to ally the Zhents to Guo-Radha.

Dimon, tharchion of Bezantur, and priest of Bane. Actively persecuting other fathers in the city, including those of Kossuth and Leira. His primary contacts with the Zhents are a priestess of Waukeen and a spymaster names Corbulo

Lefaric, cleric of Waukeen and a Zhentarim ally. Currently acting as an unwitting agent of chaos thanks to Leira's influence

Ganto, chief of the Mountain Tribe and mediator between the tribes of the Nar.

Ingria Hammermaiden, leader of the elite Hammers of Moradin in the dwarf hall of Mt. Adbar

Olgi, leader of the Iron Guard, the main defense force of Mt. Adbar

Nocri, former Red Wizard of Thay and Kossuth-worshipper, now an entertainer in Narfell

Waukeen, Goddess of Wealth and Trade. Has formed an alliance with Bane and the Zhentarim. It appears that she is also trying to gain an alliance with Guo-Radha, using a mysterious spymaster named M. Curbulo.

Bane, God of Strife and Tyranny. Leads the Zhentarim in their quest to control all of Faerun, with the plan of installing a new pantheon with himself as the head. Allied with Waukeen

Gruumsh One-Eye, God of Orc-Kind, sworn enemy of Moradin. Now slain