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Forsaken Gods[edit]

This is the page for DanMcS's Wushu play-by-post, Forsaken Gods.


Diana Hunt (Artemis) (played by JLynn)

(Thrill of the Chase 5, Argent Bow 4, Healing Touch 3, Apollo (Her Twin) 1)

Socrates David Manuel (Socrates' Daimon) (played by Pseudoephedrine)

(Reasoning 5, Forbidding Prophecy 4, Phasmata 3, Lover of Virtue 1)

Denny Nicely (Dionysus) (played by DannyK)

(Ecstatic 5, Madness 4, Strong 3, Mean Drunk 1)

Doc Saturday (Baron Samedi) (played by Rip van Mason)

(King of the Crossroads 5, Stylish Gent-about-town 4, Nzambi Witch King 3, Service 1)

Lowell Tenor (Loki) (played by Sabermane)

(Trickster 5, Ice Giant 4, Shapeshifter 3, Untrustworthy 1)

Mr. Ji Rui (Yen-Lo-Wang) (played by apocryphal rumor)

(Punishing Wicked 5, Record of Every Soul 4, Memory 3, Bitter 1)

Character Creation[edit]

Your character can be a classic god or myth, adapted for the modern world. You can also play a more modern folk hero or archetype- Paul Bunyan or the aforementioned highway drifter (Vagabond King?) are perfectly good.


Make your character with a 5/4/3/1 split of best trait/strong trait/good trait/flaw. Note for me how/when your flaw applies.


You have 5 Belief (which takes the place of chi); this will vary during the game.

Notes and Background[edit]

Description, motivations, goals

Realm: what nook does your character call home?

Myth: tell us a myth that reveals something about your character. If you're using an old god, use an old myth or make up a new one. If you're using a new god, make up a myth to go along with him.

Recuperating: what does your character do to strengthen his belief in himself and kindle a spark of belief in others, in these times when no one tells his stories any more? Your character can do these things to regain Belief.


We'll be using Wushu Open, but diceless. Your chi pool is Belief, which represents the faith others have in you and the faith you have in yourself. It is used by gods for miracles large and small. If you are without Belief, you are out of the scene, having expended too much energy to remain. You may simply fall unconscious, or if too spent, might lose reality entirely and reform in your realm.

In a god's realm, he is mighty. Your traits are improved in your realm, and it responds to you. It is believed that none can enter your realm without your leave.

You normally regain Belief at one per scene, but a spirit can recuperate, taking part in activities which remind him of who and what he is. This will entirely replentish your Belief, at the cost of a scene.

Setting Elements[edit]

Locations, people, places, and things that have facts established about them in the game.

The Mundane World[edit]

Earth, the world, the place with all the people in it. Spirits walk here, but generally guised as humans. A necessary place for all gods, since the people that live here are the ones that can pay attention to you and give you the belief you need to live.

The Spirit World[edit]

A mirror of the mundane world, but most humans don't show up here. Instead, you deal with the spirits of places and things. Every building, car, tree, cloud, and blade of grass has a spirit. Spirits of small things tend to be small, quiet, and generally unseen- you won't have to deal with a thousand shrieking grass-spirits if you walk across a lawn; they're used to being downtrodden, anyway. If a spirit isn't awake at the moment, you can always speak to it and draw it out to deal with you. Gods can wander the spirit realm undisguised. Step through a mirror or a darkened alley or duck under a hedge to reach it.

The City[edit]

Heaven, Asgard, Olympus, Babylon, Carthage, Rome, London, New York, and Tokyo all rolled into one. Every city reflects the City, and the City reflects them all, even those which have long ceased to exist. The home of many gods and spirits. One street is cobblestone, the next is a leafy green grassway, the next a many-bridged canal. Ziggurats rest next to thatched-roof houses across the street from skyscrapers. The theme of reaching the City is "up". Ride an elevator, climb some stairs, hike up a mountain.


Each god has a place he can call his own. This may be a dwelling firmly set in the reality of the City, or a bar slowly migrating from college town to college town, or the back of a beat-up old bus. In his realm, a god is mighty. Each is entered in its own way, and access is controlled by its owner.


Ambrosia - The food of the gods, condensed belief. Also called "soma" and "amrita".

Giants - Old gods tell stories to younger ones about titans that once roamed the earth, but were driven away in ancient times. Few modern gods believe.

Dragons - Like giants, these are bygones and have not been seen in millenia.