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Dain McEwain[edit]

Being deputy liaison to the Fay Kingdoms was a great job, even if Dain was embarrassed about the amount of wine that must be consumed in the discharge of his duties. Originally of Welsh decent, with a degree from Oxford in mythical studies, he was the perfect candidate to replace his aging superior, that is until the damn fay started to give him psychotic episodes. No one could really blame him, with all the turning around three times and spitting, and the week long parties. He was put on experimental anti-psychotics, but it wasn't enough. In the middle of a deeply important and symbolic game of charades he began screaming "It's a duck, it's a duck" at one of the fay nobles. To attempt to repair relations with the fay court, Dain was removed from the British Isles, specifically to Australia, with orders to forge alliances with the reported fay of that continent. It was a bum assignment considering that no foreigner had ever talked directly to an Australian fay.

Reports say that Dain was taken into the bush by a locale guide, carrying basic survival gear, an iron rod for defense, and powdered milk as an offering. A month later the guide returned alone saying that Dain had gone mad and walked right into a billabog, followed by roars and cracking sounds that caused the guide to flee. Dain returned a month after that. He was a changed man, wild an with a harsh laugh, he refused to acknowledge his superior officers or oby orders. He was arrested for insuboardination and installed in the brig. The next day, it appeared that Dain's cell had momentarily attained the consistence of spaghetti. Dain himself was "sleeping" at the bottom of the base's, now reeded and festering, pool. It was found that one of the tanks had literally, and impossibly, been disemboweled by a large tuscked creature that no one reported seeing. Not caring to think about what Dain had really become, the Australian Navy began the process installing him in an American "Super Soldier" team, figuring it would be easier and cheaper to aim him at the Nazis than to try to imprison him.

Dain McEwain
Powers Styles Attitudes
  5 - (P) Shadowed terror  
  4 - Psychosis: Pettiness 4 - Duty: The many
3 - Dreamtime Shaping 3 - (P) Command lesser fae 3 - "I'm still Dain"
2 - The Billabog 2 - (P) Roar 2 - Respects ability
1 - Protean beast 1 - Inhuman calm 1 - Callous
Justice: 1 Truth: 1 Love: 4 Hope: 1 Duty: 2
0 0 0 0 0

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Hannah Tines: Duty Exemplar.

Hannah is Dain's mother, and one of SOE's (Special Operations Executive) top non-field agents. She returned to her maiden name, and her position at the SOE, after the death of Dain's father, Callum McEwain. She always demanded the best of her only son, and that's never changed. Dain's Psychosis and releavement from duty were a grave embarrassment, but she sees a new potential to redeem Dain in his frightening abilities.

Conflict: Will ask the impossible.

Hirudina: Love Exemplar.

As a member of one of the higher, and darker, fairy courts, Hirudina was no small contribution to Dain's break down. They were lovers for a short, but energetic time. Dain was ordered to break it off for fear of offending some of the more purist, and powerful, fairy kin. Hirudina didn't like this very much at all, and began to torment Dain. If Dain had been a fairy things would have worked out fine, but causing his personal gravity to reverse every time he fell asleep, or sneezed, didn't lend to his stability. Things are more complicated now that Dain is sharing a body with a bunyip, a form not so suseptable to fairy charms, nor so forgiving of them.

Conflict: Won't understand what's changed between them.

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