Gleeville:Samantha "Sammi" Taylor

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  • Player: Brawndo
  • Actor: Anabelle Stephenson
  • Campaign: Gleeville
  • System: Smallville
  • Feature


  • Duty D8: Being popular is not just a privilege, it's a responsibility
  • Fame D8: You're looking at the future captain of the 5-time National Champion cheer squad
  • Fairness D4: Life isn't fair, so I'm gonna get mine
  • Love D6: The right arm-candy is all part of the package
  • Popularity D10: I've always been popular. It's my gift
  • Truth D4: If there's one thing I learned from Fox News, it's that truth is what you make of it


  • Leads
    • Warren Whitcomb D6: I have a hate/hate relationship with my cousin Warren
    • Adam Chamberlain D6: He's got the genes for high-school popularity. I might have to hit that
    • Lauren Grey D4: Who?
    • Ashley Brown D4: The other Blunder Twin? They deserve each other
    • Amethyst Fitch D4: I heard she's homeless or something
    • Fiona Maxwell D6: That girl had better stay out of my way
  • Features
    • Larry "Del" DelMasto D6: He likes crappy old-person music, but he's an okay teacher

Musical Range: Backup Singer

  • Specialties: Pop D6, Girl Groups of Bygone Eras D6
  • Stage Trick: Cheer! - Being a cheerleader since grade school has taught a lot about keeping a smile on your face and keeping the beat. Spend a d6 from the Drama Pool to Step Up or Double a Specialty.
  • Stage Trick: Team Player - This is not a typo. Years of cheerleading have also taught Sammi a thing or two about being part of a team. Add a d6 to the Drama Pool to allow a team member to re-roll a die in a number where you Aided them.
  • Limit: Overconfident - She is not as good as she thinks she is. Add a die to the Drama Pool to Increase the opposing action pool in a Contest when Sammi thinks she's got it in the bag.


  • Mean Girl - Sammi is the master of wickedly inventive nicknames and slurs. Nothing is off the table, and nothing is sacred. Racism, ethnic slurs, homophobia, classism and all sorts of things which are not traditionally funny all pour out of her horrible face with abandon, taking meanness to absurd heights.


  • Athletic D8 - Through bodybuilding and years of team sports, your body has become a well-oiled machine, eager to take on any challenge. Roll the Distinction’s die when your athletic training, experience, and regimen would help you.
    • D4: Spend a Plot Point from the Drama Pool to reroll a die in any Athletic roll.
    • D8: Leads may Spend a Plot Point to have Sammi choose to use brute force over finesse.
  • Vicious D12 - When the kid gloves come off (and they're rarely on in the first place), the claws come out. Between threats, intimidation, cutting remarks, physical violence, and dark secrets (even if she has to make them up!) Sammi knows every possible way to hurt someone. Roll this die to bring a mean or violent solution to a situation that could have been handled any other way.
    • D4: Spend a d6 from the Drama Pool to increase your Angry or Afraid Stress pool.
    • D8: Spend a d6 from the Drama Pool to increase your Insecure or Exhausted Stress Pool.
    • D12: Grant a Plot Point to the affected player to increase your Injured or Afraid Stress Pool.


  • The Valkyries 2D10
  • Coach Berardi 2D10
  • Darcy DeCarlo 2D6


  • Football Field 2D6
  • The Gym 2D8
  • The Girls' Locker Room 2D10

Known Details

  • Sammi is a Sophomore
  • She is a "rising star" in the Valkyries
  • Sammi is a vicious, mean-spirited girl; she's determined to become captain of the Valkyries and all-around queen of the school when she gets to her senior year, and is already moving to take down anyone she sees as competition. Which includes Fiona.
  • She is Warren's cousin, from his dad's side of the family.
  • She gets along with Abigale Whitcomb.
  • Amy's an easy target for her typical "mean girls" antics