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A Cortex+ Musical Series[edit]

Episode Guide[edit]


Friends and Family[edit]

Groups and Cliques[edit]

  • School Faculty
    • Principal Arndt, Principal.
    • Ms. Appleton, one of Amy's former teachers. Liked her.
    • Mr. Jan Bloom, Vice-Principal and Dean of Discipline and Attendance
    • Coach Collins, the Track Coach
    • Ryan Reed, School Counselor
    • Miss Rodier, teaches French. Lauren's homeroom teacher
    • Mrs. Linda Winstead, one of Amy's former teachers. Didn't like her.
  • Show Choir
  • The Valkyries, our cheerleading squad
    • Coach Berardi, the coach
    • Darcy DeCarlo, team captain
    • Josie Birge
    • Melissa "Missy" Bryant
    • Leah Ekstein
    • Janelle, the tall one
    • Amber Klein, has a deaf cousin, knows ASL
    • Samantha "Sammi" Taylor
  • The Vikings, our football team

Bit Parts[edit]

  • Bob, a student. Knows Adam
  • Bub, a terrible beast in residence at the chamberlain farm.


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