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A character in the Belstead PBP Burning Wheel game.


When the favour given the King was complete, the folk of Belstead rested. One man, Big William Ranger, did what many that have seen what he has seen and done what he has done did. For a short but important time he had lead the people of Belstead. Now he opened an inn.

Generations later, his descendant was given his name but grew up very different. Belstead of these times is a different place to the Belstead of old. Unlike his ancestor and his contemporaries, William never veered far from his hometown.

In his youth, he did travel for a while, selling the wares of the village around the locale, bringing back what was needed in Belstead. All this time he was learning the secrets of the grape; seeing how the brewing process was done in the other villages. And it was at this time he met Jolana. His mother had always told him to stay away from girls with pointy shoes; but he was enthralled. Likewise, Jolana’s adopted mother, the Baba, had also told her to stay away from boys; but she was likewise ensnared. Now, she is the Baba but Will still sees her when he can.

After a while he returned home permanently and took over the making of the village wine. He took the grapes chosen and recommended by the trusted farmers and fermented them into fine vintages. This continued until his father died. Now, Will is master of The King’s Promise and has assistants to do the bulk of the wine making.

Will runs the inn with a friendly smile and a jovial manner. People know that they come here to safety. When things are wrong, Will will listen and ‘Tiny’ Adam will see to their safety. Smugglers avoiding the tax of the surrounding nobles know this is a place where they are welcome. Murderers and no good thieves have come here thinking it sanctuary, but there is justice and they were turned away – after their story had been told – into the hands of waiting militia.

Above the Inn’s fireplace Big William had hung two things. He had hung his axe and he had hung the signed promise from the King. They remain there to this day and traditions have arisen around them. The King’s Promise has given its name to the Inn.

The axe is supposed to be lucky – touching the blade brings it, but cleaning the blade will make that luck go. As such the once fine weapon is rusted and worn. But now it is clean. The new girl was a foreigner and hadn’t heard the tales. She saw a dusty ornament above the fire. She cleaned and now the King is dead!


Age 31 Stock Human Village Male


  • Village born
  • Village Peddler
  • Vintner
  • Hosteller


Will B6
Perception B3
Power B3
Forte B5
Agility B3
Speed B3


Health B6
Steel B4
Reflexes B3
Resources B3
Circles B4 D


Mending B1
Persuasion B3 RD
Falsehood B4
Inconspicuous B3
Sing B3
Haggling B4
Vintner B2
Wine-tasting B1
Cooking B1
Soothing Platitudes B5
Guest-wise B2
Conspicuous B5


  • Odd
  • Fixed Smile
  • Gossip
  • Patient
  • Familiar Face


Superficial B3
Light B5
Medium B7
Severe B8
Traumatic B9
Mortal B10


Fate 3
Persona 2
Deeds 0


  • Relationship (bodyguard): ‘Tiny’ Adam – The Favour’s Labourer and Bouncer
  • Relationship (minor family): Heidi– Younger sister and barmaid. She is much more than a barmaid and is trusted to run The Promise is Will is required to leave.
  • Relationship (significant forbidden romantic): Baba Jolana – Some call them witches but never to their faces. Those who respect them call them midwives and grandmothers (Baba), but they are much more than that. Each village will has one such woman, who cares for the needs of the women and children. They are forbidden by their tradition to know a man and if her relationship with Will were to become known then there would be Trouble. All local groups, from outcasts to gentry respect her word.
  • Affiliation: Belstead Village – Belstead has no nobility to rule it. When the villages meets to make decisions then there are a few people whose voices are listened to more than others. The doctor and the watch sergeant are amongst them; so is Will.
  • Gear: Clothes and shoes. Will’s cloths are of only slightly higher than average quality for the village. They are usually stained.
  • Gear: Medium sized Business. The King’s Promise is a moderate sized inn. Grapes for the wine are supplied from the local farmers, other brews are bought in from elsewhere. The inn comfortably supports Will, Heidi and its staff.
  • Reputation: Fair. All know that any who come to The King’s Promise will be given the opportunity to be speak. They will be listened to and helped or hindered as is deemed fair.


  • The King is Dead. Long Live the King – The King may have left no blood heir. There will be a moral heir. We should find him and we should support him.
  • The Inn is a sanctuary. No Law but the King’s Law applies – Since the King’s promise was made, no law but the King’s applies. Now there is no law but what is made locally.
  • A man is not fighting if he is talking or drinking.


  • If someone is in trouble, hide them.
  • Greet everyone with a smile.
  • Try to choose the right person for the right job.