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Freedom City, 03/10/06, EST. 19:15:45

Troy Watkins, guerrilla radio WSAR

Where FC gets it's news.
1240 WSAR
It's top of the hour, I'm Troy Watkins and this is what's happening.

The search for the newly appointed City Councilwoman JOANNA TOLBERT-HOLMES. Homes, due to take over for Mayor Michael O'Connor, Jr., who has been retired by the city governing body, was revealed by Kra'Vosh of the GRUE Unity at a press conference earlier this week to have been a cybernetic construct whose core was the brain of a cyber-enhanced gorilla. Police officials are working with Freedom City's Stellar Khanate Shocklord the "Baroness Khana" to trace the parties responsible and to find Holmes. Baroness Khana appointed Kra'Vosh to the office of the mayor until Holmes is located. This shouldn't affect the city as Holmes has been a longtime critic of Freedom's dead heroes and is a current member of the Human/Khanate Betterment Association.

In other news Freedom City plays host to New England's Stellar Khanate War-Master F'ARAK who is visiting the remains of cities across the North East en route to what's left of Washington DC where he will listen to the discussion for rebuilding efforts as a seat of global rule for the Star-Khan himself. The decision to rebuild Washington came at the disgruntled reformed human congress, who had suggested Freedom City as the prime location that would not dispoil the former American landmarks. Freedom City has the unique distinction of not having had a War-Master or the Star-Khan himself within our boarders since the invasion. That ends later this week.

And now it has been reported across STAR band police comm that a small band of supers have entered the FC Diamond Exchange. It is not known at this time the identities of these beings or their intentions.

We here at WSAR can only say
"the chair is against the wall, the chair is against the wall."
"John has a long moustache, John has a long moustache."

They can't stop the signal, and that's the news from FC's news station WSAR, I'm Troy Watkins.


Freedom City, 04/14/06, EST. 19:06:11

Where FC gets it's news.
1240 WSAR
It's top of the hour, I'm Troy Watkins and this is what's happening.

The world mourns as it has lost yet another of the greatest wonders and monuments, the Star-Khan ordered the Pyramids of Giza to be used in a series of ‘target practices’ with a new super weapon system currently able to de-atomize structures on the scale of 3 city blocks. WSAR Guerilla-Satelites show two of the monuments already reduced to sand and glass.
TODAY: Stellar Khanate plus ONE | Human History negative ONE.
So, very very sad…

Illegal (wink-wink, nod-nod) resistance cells lead today’s stories across Freedom. Comprised primarily of powered super-criminals, both convicted and accused, these ‘shadow cells’ seem to be making coordinated actions in many former metropolises across the globe. Two such cells have begun to make news in our fair city recently… Good news and Bad news, first with the bad.

The resistance cell known among the underbelly as ‘the Nevermen’ has lost one of its branches this week. In preparation for the temporary shutdown of Liberty Park (as ordered by the Star-Skan) FCPD uncovered the husks of a half-dozen sub-cell fighters strewn among their former base of operations beneath Liberty Perk. The former heroic vigilante known as Foreshadow is rumored to direct this band, and is currently sot for questioning. It is not known at this time if he or other members of the cell survived. And no one is claiming the extermination action. The illustrious Star-Khan had this to say…
“The FOOLS, let them murder there own. Yet another reason for Star-Khan to rule all…”
– the Star-Khan
(regarding the extermination of a Shadow Cell)

Meanwhile in inspiring fair, much note and notice has been given to another resistance cell – the self-proclaimed ‘Band of Steel’. Footage (available on Guerilla Vid-Cast) shows this group of lesser known criminals being led in several recent actions, oddly enough by former TV personality Dr. Steel. The group being sot by local officials for acts of terror and robbery against the Alien scu—Rulers in and around Freedom City. Any hidden agenda of this resistance cell is not known at this time, but several wireless-casts are available to “Hear my words...” as the charismatic leader puts it, calling out to various groups to unite in common cause, notably “…for the children”. We go now to a broadband transmission received just moments ago by WSAR Guerilla Satelites…

"Attention assorted criminals! This is Doctor Steel, speaking for the Band of Steel! Hear my words!

By now many of you have noticed that you are free of your bonds, free of the suppression field that has held you captive! Enjoy this gift, courtesy of the Band of Steel! In days to come, as you enjoy your new found freedom, remember the Band of Steel, remember the brave individuals who came and brought you your freedom! Remember us, and join us in our fight! Fight against the aliens who have enslaved earth! Fight against those who have enslaved humanity! Use your powers, your skills, your abilities to DESTROY the aliens, to DESTROY their orbiting starships, to END their reign of tyranny ONCE AND FOR ALL!

And now, a special message for those who have not received the gift of freedom from the Band of Steel. You have been left powerless because, in short, you have been very, very naughty. Because you have not, in the past, acted in a manner that made the members of the Band of Steel believe that you were comitted to our cause. Because, in truth, you have acted in a manner more befitting of a psychotic axe murdering lunatic straight out of a B movie than as a defender of humanity and a freedom fighter against our alien overlords! THINK ON THIS! Realize that you are, today, still a captive when you could have been free BECAUSE OF YOUR OWN, VILE MISDEEDS! REDEEM YOUSELVES! Prove that you are worthy to be called friends of the Band of Steel and the Band of Steel WILL COME FOR YOU! Alternately, contact Overshadow - I hear he hires second-raters.

Finally, to Gepetto - yes, I know you are on the train! Rejoice that you are far, far in the back, where Doctor Steel - the REAL Doctor Steel - cannot get to you. For Doctor Steel knows you for what you are - a despicable worm, a disgusting parasite who preys on children - CHILDREN FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Know this day that you have been spared the wrath of Doctor Steel's vengence ONLY BY MEREST CHANCE! Cease your disgusting perversions! Cease your vile activities! And know that by all that is just and right in the world if Doctor Steel should ever encounter you then you will RUE THE DAY THAT YOU WERE BORN! And quit using my name - its copywritten!"

– Dr. Steel

This reporter can only hypothesize that this may involve the recent relocation efforts of Blackstone Penetentary. If so we here at WSAR offer good will and good fortune to these would be terrorists. Yet we also caution them – without heroes, you are all we have left for a future free world. Please remember that greed and apathy is not the path to freedom. What you do, you do for humanity. As always WSAR will be there to pass the signal, fighting in the tradition of great newscasters gone-by.

We offer this Freedom City…
‘Sally has a new hairdo, Sally has a new hairdo.’
‘Falcon – the Snowman is burning, the Snowman is burning.’

They can't stop the signal, and that's the news from Freedom City's news station WSAR,
I'm Troy Watkins.“


Freedom City, 04/28/06, EST. 19:13:32

Where FC gets it's news.
1240 WSAR
It's top of the hour, I'm Troy Watkins and this is what's happening.

Hot off WSAR Guerilla Satelite, we continue to gather details this evening on the incident reported when last we aired - regarding the insurgent rebel cell calling themselves 'the Band of Steel'. At this time we DO have confirmation of a large contingent of Grue Armament that has been redirected to the site of the MAG-LEV tubes bisecting the Rockies entering near 'Helena National Forest' and continuing beneath the 'Big Belt Mountatin Range'.
Best information shows a formerly classified prison transfer train to be the cause of this incident. This reporter can only guess the nature of the alarm to speculate that this is ALSO the cause of Warlord Grypon's flag-ship - 'Doom on Freedom City', to have shifted their alignment to synchronis orbit. As many listeners know, 'Doom on Freedom City' is the lead vessel in the 3 ship battlegroup of 'the Righteous Fist of Heaven' Class Deep Stand-off Attack (DSA) Cruisers in the Star-Khan's Khanate Star Armada.
Based on satelite and broadband signal - super villain criminals, with power able to challenge our long lost Freedom League, may take their freedom due. Known theifs such as the Maestro and Doc Cartridge may be of little concern but what may come should world-class-threats including Gamma and Baron Samedi or serial killers such as Death, Taxes and Gepetto escape their cells and the incoming alien corral??
IS IT wise to allow such dangers to roam a heroless world? Or will even these madmen look to retake the world from alien influence? Possibly to supplant their own? We can only watch and hold hope.

In other news Lady Lunar supreme ruler of the Faresider city has agreed to terms with the Stellar Khanate. A press release issued by the Earth/Zultas United Worlds Assembly (UWA) has recognized Luna as an independant sovergn world to be governed by the Faresider Royal line. Terms were negociated in what appears to be an unusal act of judition by the Star-Khan, leaving Fareside City void of Grue and Khan troop. Footage (available on Guerilla Vid-Cast) witnesses Lady Lunar welcoming the Star-Khan to the hospitality of the fabled city on the dark side of Earth's moon. The remainder of the royal family were present with very little show of the damage taken by over 9 months of Khanate bombardment.

Segwaying from bombardments - Humanity's history continues to be cut away by 'Grue Devastator' ships. In what appears to be a layered sweep up each continent the Grue's last decimaton has hit Guatemala. Tikal, the largest of the ancient ruined cities of the Mayan Empire located in El Petén, once the major cultural and population center of the Maya civilization has been wiped from the face of the Earth. Now little more than a crater, the site presented hundreds of significant ancient buildings, only a fraction of which have been excavated in the decades of archeological work. The ancient city had the remains of royal palaces, six very large step pyramids supporting temples on their tops, in addition to a number of smaller pyramids, palaces, residences, and inscribed stone monuments.
Mayan, Incan, Aztec, Egyptian the aliens show little care what cultures they desicrate as they continue up through Central American and North Africa. It is presumed that following the months of erradication on the major metropolitan sites, the aliens have shifted focusing on cultural landmarks... Will small town America and villages across the world be next??

WSAR and this reporter offers our best wishes and prayers to those taking up the cause of rebellion in what is quickly becoming the immortal words of a new rebel to the cause...
‘Nicolis has a bowl hair cut. Nicolis has a bowl hair cut.’
‘The clock strikes 2 after 4, The clock strikes 2 after 4.’

Just let them TRY to stop the signal, and that's the news from Freedom City's news station WSAR,
I'm Troy Watkins.“